Article: Converge India 2017: Pulling it together and Getting it right

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Converge India 2017: Pulling it together and Getting it right

At the Cornerstone OnDemand Converge India 2017, Nishchae Suri, Partner and Head KPMG Academy and Madhura Dasgupta Sinha, Head Employee Experience at IDFC Bank talk about how embracing technology has helped them to innovate and transform in their respective organizations.
Converge India 2017: Pulling it together and Getting it right

Technology is enabling organizations on an unimaginable scale. It is changing the way we live and work. 


KPMG Academy has inculcated technology in the way they curated their learning parameters. It believes in the adage: Failing to learn is learning to fail

It believed in Creating a strategic intent for learners to engage with learning, help client tackle business challenges through strategic capability development initiative, combine academic excellence with industry expertise to craft a PRACADEMIC (Practitioners and Academicians) approach to design and delivery.

What the KPMG Learning Academy stands for

  • Connecting content to context
  • Connecting learning to business
  • Connecting design to technology
  • Connecting activities to outcomes

However, every company is talking about technology and adapting it in their various functions. But what organizations need to figure out is where shall the technology be applied. That ‘figuring out’ is very important. So what technology does for business is going to be the key aspect.

Here are the Few key lessons:

  • Buy for tomorrow
  • Document SOP as you go along
  • Assess your IT and risk environment
  • Multiple test cycles, real world conditions disparate users
  • Prioritize smartness over tech experience while staffing
  • Go live with a bang
  • Enrol stakeholders early and engage throughout
  • Leverage the collective experience client success centre and user groups

In the next few years, KPMG Academy wants to Improve the learning maturity of corporate India, play a strategic role in demand and supply of talent, and Create learning that aligns to the learner’s sense of purpose with help of AI, social learning, digital payments, Mobile learning, predictive analysis, augmented and virtual realities. 

IDFC Bank: 

2 years ago, when IDFC Bank wanted to establish itself as the 83rd bank in the already overcrowded banking space, it knew it was a humongous task. 

The challenges that they faced were how to attract the right talent, how to conduct business in the diverse locations – network quite wide, and customer experience. 

What were the solutions? The Bank realized that the way forward is to communicate, connect and collaborate. The foremost thing the bank did was to create an employee experience par excellence – creating touchpoints for the employees, right from generating the employee ID, visiting cards, laptop, phone line-ups are ready. Once the internal customers are motivated, and energized then they will create the ‘wow’ experience for the external customers. Every employee in the IDFC Bank have relationship manager. 

Apart from partnering with Cornerstone, the bank got Yammer to help employees converge from various locations, and share their success stories thus creating a two-way communication. Any new program/projects are trickled down from top – leader-employee conversation is a must. Then the bank also realized the power of appreciating colleagues. So the culture of appreciation has been safely planted in the way IDFC functions. 

Armed with these and more, the Bank has now 5000 employees in 2 years from Investment bankers to officers who are from villages. IDFC Bank has branches in remotest of locations for eg. Ladvi Village in MP where the population is 937 and 181 household– total the bank has 102 branches.

(This article is curated from the session: Pulling Together and Getting it Right: embracing technology to innovate and transform by Nishchae Suri, Partner and Head KPMG Academy and Madhura Dasgupta Sinha, Head – Employee Experience at IDFC Bank at the Cornerstone OnDemand Converge India 2017.)

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