Article: Developing High Potentials in the Human Age

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Developing High Potentials in the Human Age

Developing high potentials is not the job of HR. It is the organization's need, commitment and thus the joint responsibility of the entire leadership team. The outcome perhaps has the largest organization benefit and thus needs to be given a high level of importance and commitment
Developing High Potentials in the Human Age

Every organization has them – The High Potential employees –‘HiPo employees’. A lot of them are aware of their presence, some understand their needs and aspirations, few recognize them time and again for their contribution to the organization; a fewer plan for their development and again even fewer look at the organizations’ growth around this talent pool and plan for long term growth along with the development of this high potential talent pool.

Developing high potentials in your organization is about all of the above factors. and most importantly managing the process at each stage, so that it can be manoeuvred to deliver the outcomes that are aimed at the start. But what is the recommended process for development? Or rather is there a recommended process for the development?

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