Article: Driving Innovation – Learning at Mphasis

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Driving Innovation – Learning at Mphasis

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Mphasis, a leading IT solution provider is innovating to enhance learner engagement and one such innovation is the Learning Week.
Driving Innovation – Learning at Mphasis

According to a Bersin by Deloitte study, the modern learner is overwhelmed, distracted and impatient. Employees only have 1% of the work week to focus on training and development

Mphasis, a leading IT solution provider, offering Applications, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Infrastructure services globally has its workforce distributed not only across locations in India but also has a critical workforce segment based out of client locations across the globe. 

Hence as the modern learner is decoded, we are bringing in innovations in learning interventions to create higher impact and engagement. The aim is to consistently deliver relevant content to our employees. Basis the diversity of our workforce both geographically and in terms of the skills required, creating a culture of self-learning is critical.

E-learning is one of the key differentiators in enabling this in today’s context. We partnered with Skillsoft in 2009 and since then have been working with them to provide targeted learning through customized content.

Innovation – “Learning Week” 

One of the cornerstones of our culture at Mphasis is to experiment and go beyond the obvious. Every time we answer the “what” and “how” of any learning intervention, the key aspects of the solution are also the impact and learner engagement that it creates. A few years back when we started this journey of making learning “stick” more, we conceptualized the “Learning Week”. 

Key features of the “Learning Week”:

  1. The week is designed like a 5-day virtual conference with parallel tracks running on technical, domain and leadership areas.

  2. While we use our traditional blended-learning approach like classroom sessions, webinars and e-learning during the week, there have been a lot of innovations in the way we deliver content through these channels.

    1. Use of theatre techniques, stories and puppets to deliver content on areas of relevance like culture, assertive communication, managing change etc.

    2. Harnessing the e-learning format more effectively by creating playlists that we launched during this week. These playlists are extremely engaging and provide relevant content linked to competencies and skills that are critical for us. Skillsoft, our partner in creating the content has played a huge role in creating these playlists

    3. Offering online coding contests where participants solve a code snippet

    4. Leader Talk sessions where senior leaders share thoughts and insights around areas they are passionate about. 

    5. Leveraging social and mobile to enhance reach and engagement through quizzes, live streaming, virtual chat sessions with leaders etc.

  3. The sessions are planned to span across time zones to ensure adequate learning opportunities are available for our geographically distributed workforce.

A dedicated “Learning Week” not only breaks the regular patterns of business-as-usual learning, it also builds a lot of excitement in the learners. We have executed 4 iterations of the “Learning Week” and while season 1 witnessed 90+ sessions, today it has increased to an average of 130-140 sessions in the week. 37000+ unique participants have participated across 4 seasons. 

Impact and success measures

While cost reduction is an obvious measure we track to determine success, one of the key measures is also to ensure that we provide adequate opportunities to all our employees to learn what is relevant to their growth. One of the hypotheses we are testing is to see the correlation between time spent on learning and employee performance. Though an individual’s performance is dependent on a number of factors such as environment, team, people, opportunities etc., learning is a critical component. The results of our primary hypothesis testing indicate that going beyond the overall learning targets in a financial year has a significant impact on employee performance.  

Adopting e-learning and innovating methodologies such as “Learning Week” have been very successful for us. As the learners and their needs evolve, we will also have to keep innovating to keep pace with them.

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