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The Framework for Development

At EY, development of people is at the heart of their culture
The Framework for Development

Our people are cornerstone of our success story; development of our people is one of our foremost priorities. Therefore, development of our people is at the heart of our culture. We know that the most career-enhancing experiences are gained on the job, and those are the ones that help deliver differentiated services to our clients. We recognize this and therefore it is a part of our career development framework EYU - “EY and You”. EYU provides the right blend of exceptional learning, experiences and coaching to accelerate our people’s development. The learning and experiences we offer at EY are designed to integrate personal growth with the needs of our clients, our communities and our business. 

Our accomplished professionals come equipped with certain essential skill sets but we need to hone them further. And to do so our global competency framework comes handy which ensures that our people are competent in their roles in order to provide consistent high—quality service to every client. Our competency framework comprises:

a. The enterprise—wide competencies – these apply to all people and roles across Service Lines and include leadership, teamwork, coaching and developing others, project management, quality service delivery, etc., and

b. The service line—specific competencies – these specify the technical knowledge and skills required for roles specific to service lines

We are committed to our people’s growth from the time they join us. It is a critical aspect to help our new joinees align with the organization, their service line and their role. EY has a robust and comprehensive on-boarding program covering 5 levels of on-boarding:  

· EY Embark - Introduction to the firm 

· Welcome to EY - Understand what the firm stands for and its business

· Excellence Academy - Learn about the expectations from your role/rank 

· Service Line Induction - Learn about your Service Line and its priorities 

· Sector Onboarding - Learn about sectors 

Having a strong leadership is critical to organization’s success. Leadership development has always been a key priority as part of our L&D interventions. We have various unique leadership development programs for our people. it is a unique opportunity for our people to help them rise to the next level.

Global NextGen Program (GNG)

GNG is EY’s global partner pipeline program that builds the skills and capabilities through three experiential leadership challenges focused on our markets, our business and our people. The program aims at creating new partners with strong market leadership skills, a global mindset, wide networks and a broad understanding of our business. The participants also get the opportunity to meet many global leaders and engage with peers from all over EY world.

Leadership Track Development Workshop

This long-term programme uses a development centre methodology to do a realistic evaluation of the potential strengths and development areas. The facilitator group consists of experts from around the world, skilled professional actors. Rounded and holistic feedback is provided to each participant and individual development plans are created for each member. In this manner, potential leaders have a clearly identified and focused development path to partnership.

Coaching at EY

Coaching conversations, we believe are central to our success, our team’s success and the success of EY. Coaching enables our people and our clients to achieve their potential and  it is a powerful vehicle for generating personal insight, reframing situations and unlocking capability. By empowering and motivating our people to develop themselves and their careers, coaching increases engagement which, in turn, has a direct impact on client satisfaction. It is a virtuous circle, and that is why our commitment to making the culture change is strong.

Soft Skill Training 

A strong soft skills curriculum of over 30 formal soft skills courses covering a wide range of areas that are critical for success in today’s marketplace. Total training hours  in EY (1 July ‘14– 30 May ’15) for:

· All soft skills training programs – 1,58,823 hours 

Technical Training

An elaborate technical training curriculum categorized into solutions, methodologies, sector and industry specific trainings across SLs. 

Total training hours  in EY (1 July ‘14– 30 May ’15) for: 

· All technical training programs – 3,24,761 hours

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