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Learn SMAC to earn smart

At 30 percent CAG, the value of SMAC driven market will be $1 trillion (Approx.) by the end of the current decade.
Learn SMAC to earn smart

When a synergy develops by the amalgamation of various technologies it always benefits the businesses, but when it synchronizes with their needs, they earn optimum profits. Thanks to the technological inventions that gave birth to the Digital Marketing and a big applause to the pioneers in SMAC. Yes, Smart Marketers Adopt Change, they embrace SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) to get maximum returns on marketing investments. The integration of social media, mobile technology, data analytics and cloud computing makes the fusion stronger, scalable, striking and more successful than their implementation in segregation. Around the globe, marketers are availing this phenomenal fusion and SMAC's worldwide revenue is expected to reach as high as $200 billion by the end of 2020. Moreover, at 30 percent CAG, the value of SMAC driven market will be $1 trillion (Approx.) by the end of the current decade.

SMAC for Enterprises

The reach of social media, the connectivity of mobile technology, the accuracy of analytics, and the network of cloud computing are strikingly responsible for the 360 degree B2B and B2C communications. That’s why brands which have been promoted using SMAC are getting better response of their customers and prospects than the brands that are still rigid to conventional marketing approaches. On the other hand, firms that are smart in strategising SMAC driven marketing plans are more efficient to curtail their advertising cost and saving the organisation’s resources. Another significant benefit of SMAC is measuring the return from each campaign/activity due to its highly accurate analytical tools, because analytics is an integral part of this revolutionary technology. Verily, SMAC is boosting the growth of the businesses; a growth that spontaneously creates a better market scenario and leads to greater entrepreneurial initiatives.

SMAC for Professionals   

As every technological innovation brings some fresh job opportunities in the market, SMAC is the gateway to success for people planning to make a career in this relatively new field. Opportunities are in abundance, but there is a big shortage of SMAC skilled professionals to meet the present and future demands of the industry. That’s why many universities and institutes have introduced specialized programmes in SMAC and others have started following them. And, in the era of online education, those who can’t follow the classroom curriculum may take admission in the online courses to acquire skills as well as certificates. But, beyond eligibility, one should be familiar with all the updates and advancements in all the four pillars of SMAC: Social Media, Mobile Technology, Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing.

SMAC doesn’t mean only business growth – i.e., the growth of corporates and the growth of SMEs, beyond this, SMAC is also a token of countless job opportunities for millennials. In fact, even a fresher can easily grab a package of Rs.7 to 8 lakhs per annum in India, and those with a fair amount of experience can expect remuneration not less than Rs. 10 lakhs per annum. As SMAC is flourishing globally, so, a dynamic candidate can explore a lucrative opportunity anywhere around the globe.  

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