Article: Learning in the new reality of work: Are you ready for it?

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Learning in the new reality of work: Are you ready for it?

Get familiar with the Learning Design Process Map and learn how to design effective learning programs, in-house, with the People Matters BeNext Working-from-home Certification.
Learning in the new reality of work: Are you ready for it?

Designing and delivering engaging learning experiences for employees was already quite a challenging task. In the remote working environment, it gets even more complex. Although, thanks to technology, learning has already gone digital and mobile. Micro-learning, hyper-personalized learning, and blended learning had already become quite prevalent. 

However, most of these resources, learning solutions, and technologies are outsourced and often not feasible for you. Especially, for the distributed workforce, how can you create a great learning experience in-house, is a key priority for many. The third program of People Matters BeNext Working-from-home Certification on how to design and deliver skill-building learning experiences. 

The Virtual Learner: Learning Design Certification will provide you with a toolset and template to design and deliver training programs for your team. 

The need to own the learning agenda 

It is no news that organizations are on tight budgets but that should not put a halt to learning. Further, it is you who understand the needs of your business the best. Wouldn’t it be great if you also had the skills and resources to create relevant learning programs for them too? 

Designing effective internal training not only saves money but is more likely to address the specific needs of the team. In most instances, this will get far better results than random external courses. And at far less cost, even if one factor is the cost of hiring an external speaker or trainer.

After this program, you should be able to:

  • Identify if your design incorporates the basic rules of workplace learning and make changes as necessary
  • Map and align business & learners’ needs
  • Get familiar with the Learning Design Process Map
  • Gain familiarity with methods & tools for virtual learning delivery

Learn from the expert in the art 

The program will include a live session with community builder, facilitator, and a ‘farmer of collaboration’, Christopher Federer, Facilitator for Enterprise Learning and Innovation. A former architect, Christopher develops the environments for business leaders and teams to work at the top of their collective intelligence so they may address complex issues in a fun and engaging way.

“I believe organizations have all that they need to solve their own business model, marketing, innovation, and organizational development problems,” says Christopher. 

Through live masterclasses with experts like Christopher, upskill yourself to better manage the challenges of managing a remote workforce. In addition to the live masterclasses, you will have access to online practical content, frameworks, videos and tools which will help you reflect, assimilate, and apply all that you have learned. Click here to learn more. 

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