Article: Learning must be less prescriptive and more social: Mohit Garg

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Learning must be less prescriptive and more social: Mohit Garg

Mohit Garg, Co-Founder and CEO, MindTickle
Learning must be less prescriptive and more social: Mohit Garg

Today’s workforce faces a gap in their ‘Saturday-Sunday’ experience as compared to their ‘Monday-to-Friday’ experience. There is a dire need for organizations to be more democratic and hence it becomes critical that learning be less prescriptive and more social in nature. It needs to appeal to the Gen Y/millennial – who carries an iPod, likes to play video games, and endorses the Facebook-likes. All this put together, one can safely say that the new generation is seeking a social and engaging experience while interacting with the enterprise software.

On the other hand though, most of the enterprise software today has been designed with a functional approach and the buyer in mind. It is not designed like the ‘B2C Internet websites’ that seem to be going to extreme lengths in order to enhance and delight the user of the system.

Trying to find solutions in this arena, the founders of MindTickle came together with a vision of creating lasting value at the intersection of fun and learning. Inspired by the success and high involvement in online social games, they wondered why the power of games isn’t being harnessed for enhancing the human capital management applications in enterprises. Starting-off initially with team engagement and new hire on-boarding as use-cases to go after, MindTickle now offers wholesome frameworks around employee engagement and learning, after having introduced a more social and gamified approach into L&D activities. Many companies like SAP Labs, InMobi, Bajaj Finserv and Yahoo! India, etc. are fast adopting such platforms for their learning activities, keeping in line with the demands of the new age workforce and changing employee expectations.

This is done through the ‘So–Ga–Mo’ approach that provides learning opportunities through social, gamified and mobile platforms. In today’s technologically evolved business environment, the introduction of social, gamified and mobile enterprise solutions for employee learning is critical to enable innovation at the workplace.


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