Article: People Matters L&D India 2022 is here to help you shape the future

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People Matters L&D India 2022 is here to help you shape the future

The People Matters L&D India 2022 conference is back! This year, we have specially curated the agenda and themes for CHROs, L&D Functional Leaders, L&D COEs, CLOs, Senior HRs, learning leaders, L&D CEOs and L&D professionals as they future-proof their organisation. Get ready to lead off!
People Matters L&D India 2022 is here to help you shape the future

What once was, is not there anymore! That is how one can define the function of L&D that changed overnight due to the pandemic. Today, as we rethink of the possibilities ahead amid the disruptions, as each organisation embraces innovation, we arrive at the conclusion that employees are looking for a wholesome career where there is growth and work-life balance, while HR is looking for candidates who can take on innumerable challenges and adapt to the rapidly evolving world of work. 

The skills gap faced by 9 out of 10 organisations worldwide has brought about new trends in the L&D space, which organisations and leaders are eager to incorporate as they win the war for talent, while building a workforce that is engaged, productive and efficient. During an interview with So-Young Kang, CEO and co-Founder, Gnowbe, she revealed how every L&D professional should understand instructional design and have the right approach to micro-learning as it is core to facilitation, teaching, training, and communication. She believes that as we build technical and soft skills, L&D will continue to evolve. 

So, what are some of the trends set to determine the future of workplace? Training an employee so they could integrate the knowledge into their skillset is on priority list for organisations today. To achieve that, one has to truly personalise the learning experience using specialty platforms, taking into account the needs of the employees with real-time feedback so the improvements are incorporated immediately. Then, there is a need to support internal mobility, where employees within the organisation are given new roles and additional responsibilities. While most organisations have adopted the hybrid model, learning programs have to cater to employees - both on-site and those working remotely to reskill and upskill them, so each one can thrive. And with more and more organisations queuing up to invest in new technologies, it is critical to think of how these technologies can help learners build the skills of the future. Not just hard skills, a culture of cultivating soft skills that includes communication, empathy and team work are as important to improve performance and find better outcomes. 

Looking at the long list of trends might be a bit overwhelming. To simplify the functions of L&D, some of the most-renowned speakers, who have been pioneers in the field will share their insights on how to transform learning and development at People Matters L&D India conference 2022, where we prepare you and your organisation to be built for disruption. With each of the themes curated for specific leaders, October 12 at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai will be a day of learning, unlearning and re-learning for all attendees. 

  • The theme, Future Readiness From Business to Skills Transformation, that has been especially designed for CHROs, CLOs, Senior HRs and learning leaders, offers a view of the future so you can predict capability gaps to link business to transformation. The sessions revolving around this theme will offer you answers to questions like: How to accelerate workforce readiness?, What is the integrated ecosystem of talent?, How do we re-culture our organisation and what is the ultimate advantage to building resilient workforces?
  • With the theme, Developing a Skills Strategy Connecting The Parts To The Whole, we equip CHROs, L&D Functional Leaders and L&D COEs to take timely and holistic interventions to roll out capability programs. Our spectacular line-up of speakers will offer you answers to the ways in which you can future-proof lifelong learners, redesign high potential programs, learn for now and next amid opportunities, challenges and new realities and understand the superpower of mentoring. 
  • For L&D Functional Leaders, L&D CEOs and L&D professionals, our theme, Reimagining Delivery and Infrastructure for Impact, can be helpful as you decide on the enablers to make the rigorous yet dynamic and sustainable way of impacting. Through a series of sessions at People Matters L&D India conference 2022, you will understand how to use data for improving learning and development, the need to map ecosystems, eliminating the jargon to find solutions and if you are indeed ready for the metaverse.  
  • Lastly, we have the People Matters L&D Mastermind for all, that gives each one of us the power to embrace dramatic changes in our function to not just survive but thrive in the workplace. The sessions revolving around the theme make you and your organisation disruption ready, where you are able to turn on your adaptability superpower, be the invincible influencer and experience learning like never before. 

So, join us at People Matters L&D India 2022 on October 12 at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, where you get the opportunity to network with over 700 delegates, listen to 40 global L&D speakers over 30 sessions and enter a world of learning and development technologies. It is time to start believing that learning will be a life-long journey as we build the future of work. Register now

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