Article: People Matters Study Tours: Reimagining learning for HR

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People Matters Study Tours: Reimagining learning for HR

Recently, taking a leap into creating a cutting-edge learning experience, People Matters hosted a new series of the People Matters Study Tours for the Aditya Birla Group Global HR team as part of the organization’s Bi-annual Global HR Summit held in Singapore this year.
People Matters Study Tours: Reimagining learning for HR

The HR function across the world is gearing up to adapt to the new business requirements and adopt new technologies to create higher business impact and at the same time provide a unique and differentiated employee experience. The question that emerges is: how are organizations preparing their HR to lead this transformation and be Future-ready themselves?

People Matters, a niche HR media-tech brand has been at the forefront of offering research, content and immersive learning experiences to the HR community through its content, events, and digital offerings.

Recently, taking a leap into creating cutting-edge learning experience, People Matters hosted a new series of the People Matters Study Tours for the Aditya Birla Group Global HR team as part of the organization’s Bi-annual Global HR Summit held in Singapore this year.

The objective for the Aditya Birla Group was to create an immersive learning experience for its HR leaders across geographies, an exposure to new ways of looking at agility and productivity and learn from the best practices of companies across Industries in Singapore. A program that allowed the ABG HR team to learn, reflect, and approach talent challenges in an agile and effective way. People Matters Study Tours was a part of a broader three-day HR off-site of ABG team in Singapore and was hosted on the 2nd day. 

Sharing the thought behind coming up with these study tours, Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of People Matters says, “Getting exposed outside of the walls of your own organization is critical to be able to think differently about the business problems you are trying to solve. Leaders are often constrained by their own limited experiences and find it difficult to venture into new ways of thinking. People Matters Study Tours aims to add more “dots”, more “experiences” and learning so that leaders can look at the same talent challenges and bring new ways of solving them.”

People Matters Study Tours were focused on giving structured experiential learning opportunities to delegates, by visiting some of the progressive organizations and academic institutions across Singapore and experience best practices and the latest research and delve deeper into deliberations focusing on finding solutions to talent challenges. 

The agenda of the study tour was curated with the thought of breaking the group of 400 HR leaders into smaller groups. Each of these smaller groups were diverse in nature in order to ensure team bonding across geographies, businesses and levels.

The team at ABG had an opportunity to visit organizations like Facebook, GE, Unilever, Boeing, OCBC Bank, DuPont, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and learnt how these organizations are approaching various dimensions of talent management like- Hiring, Performance Management, Learning & Development, Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship, Engagement, and Diversity. 

Samik Basu, CHRO, Hindalco Industries shares, “The People Matters Study Tours went off brilliantly and contributed in a big way to the overall success of the conference.” 

The study tour was an excellent opportunity for the ABG team as the host organizations and academic institutions are among the pioneers in their industries and the team had a chance to have a direct access to their practice.

Gurucharan Gandhi, Head of Learning & Development at ABG shared that “People Matters Study Tours at different organizations in Singapore was overall an immersive learning experience where our team got exposed to cutting-edge best practices. The learning intervention designed by People Matters gave us an opportunity to look at some of the futuristic aspects of work and know exactly where the world is headed.”

The inception of People Matters Study Tour happened earlier this year. 

“For us at People Matters, learning does not happen only in the classrooms, and conferences do not need to happen only in conference halls! People Matters Study Tours is a learning intervention we included in People Matters TechHR Singapore in February 2019 and received fantastic feedback on,” shared Ester. 

Earlier, in February 2019, People Matters had hosted Asia’s largest HR and Work Tech conference in Singapore. The two-day conference brought together HR leaders from across the globe on one platform. The second day of the conference was dedicated to People Matters Study Tours for those professionals who were keen to learn from organizations like Google, Facebook, OCBC Bank, 3M, Netflix, etc.

Want to know more about hosting and attending study tours with People Matters? Reach out to Yasmin Taj, Senior Editor at People Matters (

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