Article: PMLnDIN 2022: Sessions you cannot miss if you’re an innovator, changemaker or disruptor!

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PMLnDIN 2022: Sessions you cannot miss if you’re an innovator, changemaker or disruptor!

At People Matters L&D India Conference, you get the exclusive opportunity to engage and learn from sessions jam-packed with expert insights that unlock innovation and empower you to lead learning transformation like never before.
PMLnDIN 2022: Sessions you cannot miss if you’re an innovator, changemaker or disruptor!

In a business landscape marked by unpredictable and unprecedented waves of transformation, becoming ‘Built for disruption’ is a critical skill organisations need to invest in. And like every other skill-set, this too comes with opening up learning pathways for your workforce to strategise, innovate, challenge and unlock their growth potential. And all of this needs to happen in a context driven by the emerging new-age technologies, the evolving talent economy, massive global socio-political conflicts, economic turmoil and the need for sustainable growth. 

How can organisations then become front and centre in leading this transformation? How can they be proactive rather than reactive when innovating in the future of work? These are burning questions that continue to be asked by L&D leaders, HR professionals and multiple stakeholders fighting to stand their ground in a sea of changes. A hyperconnected world has its benefits, but flexible working styles need to keep pace with the digital business infrastructure, the skill-demand conundrum and changing employee aspirations. Organisational capability-building has to proceed, keeping in mind the values of agility, adaptability and innovation at scale. 

What we envision doing at People Matters L&D India Conference 2022 is to empower you to become the makers of change in a disruption-crowded landscape. By bringing to you over 40 speakers, 30 sessions, and 10 hours of learning jam-packed with insights on future-readiness from business to skills transformation, developing a skills strategy that connects the parts to the whole, reimagining delivery and infrastructure for impact and People Matters L&D mastermind, this conference cannot be missed! And if this isn’t enough to get you on board, here’s a peek into some of our top sessions that will revolutionise the way you lead L&D at your organisation and empower you to drive impact and innovation: 

Disrupting organisational mythology: Understanding the post-cognitive brain

With best practices and pathbreaking strategies by industry leader Clark Quinn, a pioneer in the field of Learning Experience Design Strategy and the Executive Director of Quinnovation; this session will uncouple approaches from the past, break longtime myths and barriers in the field of organisational learning and empower true disruption. By aligning policies, procedures and practices to support your workforce development, this is one keynote that will spark the innovator in you as you design L&D framework for the future of work. 

The Culture Advantage: L&D leaders as change agents

With the world of people and work evolving at a rapid pace and companies falling by the wayside, Dan Strode, Culture & Innovation Evangelist believes that the only way to combat and fight against an unprecedented business landscape is to empower a strong disruption-resilient culture. Sharing his expert insights on how L&D professionals can foster a growth mindset and embrace technology to drive their L&D frameworks and practices, this session will dive deep into the importance of a learning culture championed by critical stakeholders to make way for engagement, innovation and impact. 

Powering Growth: A Tata Motors Development Story

Along with keynotes bringing to you revolutionary ideas, real-life examples is an equally critical form of generating critical learnings for our community and we bring you multiple case studies at PMLnDIN 2022. In this session, Ravindra Kumar G.P., CHRO, Tata Motors highlights the key takeaways and success stories from their organisation’s three-dimensional model of learning which simultaneously addresses organisational, functional and individual growth. A structured approach to strengthening the knowledge, skills and expertise of your workforce can indeed be a game changer in the organisational capacity-building strategy.

Mapping your ecosystems: Uniting across multiple Systems

In an exciting conversation led by Sonia Kutty, Vice President, Global Human Resources at Quest Global, mega HR leaders Riyaz Mulla, Head Leadership Learning & Talent Dev, Tech Mahindra; Surya Prakash Mohapatra, Global Head-Talent Transformation & Learning and Development at Wipro; and more, will deep-dive into the burning questions around learning tools and technologies and how it shapes complex learning ecosystems. With their years of expertise, you get the know-how on designing healthy, scalable learning solutions that deliver seamless learning. 

The Ultimate Strength: Embedding resilience in the flow of work

When we hear the word disruption, resilience naturally follows as the number one credential to adapt and thrive in this sea of changes. And to empower resilience among our L&D leaders and HR professionals, Srinivas P.M., Vice President and HR Head, Indian Sub-Continent at Procter & Gamble shares how his enterprise is instilling this very skill-set among their workforce in their everyday routine while adapting to the complexities of the hybrid world of work.

But this is only the tiniest peak into exciting and exclusive opportunities to learn and ideate at People Matters L&D Conference 2022. If you’re looking to innovate and disrupt your learning strategies and practices and become a leader at the centre of transformation, driving change, then this conference is for you! Register now and join us at The Great Hyatt, Mumbai this 12th of October. 

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