Article: Revamping learning: Integrating new innovations in the flow of work

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Revamping learning: Integrating new innovations in the flow of work

Learning needs and delivery changed over the past year. Here’s everything that companies need to consider in order to frame their future: L&D strategies.
Revamping learning: Integrating new innovations in the flow of work

One of the major shifts in the new workplace is a renewed focus and priority on learning. As companies went remote, there were new skills that became important – from digital dexterity to soft skills and personal time management. Companies today need to align technologies that are grounded in principles that reinforce intentionality and a growth mindset, they also need to help employees put into practice their learning.

In this podcast, listen to Rowan Tonkin Senior Director, Human Resource Transformation, Oracle Corporation, and Yasmin Taj, Managing Editor, People Matters as they talk about how to rethink learning journeys – from building learning-based connections, integrating learning in the flow of work and creating an opportunity marketplace, there are new steps that need to be introduced.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Why does learning need a revamp for the new workplace?
  2. What are the key lessons on learning that companies need in the flow of work?
  3. How can technology enable new innovation – from building a growth mindset to improving practice?
  4. How to redesign a new learning roadmap?

This podcast is a part of #HRReboot Week– The road map to re-opening the workplace brought to you by Oracle and People Matters, that’s focused on building a resilient workplace. Follow #HRReboot to get access to insights and experience from the exclusive conversations we have with a group of leaders who are leading the future of work. Click here to register.

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