Article: Teachers' Day: 5 key areas where Gurus & Mentors will always outperform AI

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Teachers' Day: 5 key areas where Gurus & Mentors will always outperform AI

Even as AI excels in crafting personalised learning journeys, it's our educators who imbue the learning process with the invaluable human touch, making it genuinely rewarding, shared the Senior Director from Dell Technologies on this Teachers' Day.
Teachers' Day: 5 key areas where Gurus & Mentors will always outperform AI

In a world where technology races forward at a breakneck pace, businesses are under immense pressure to maintain their competitive edge. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of corporate education. The ascent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has piqued interest in how this cutting-edge technology can revolutionise corporate learning strategies. While some companies have fully embraced AI's potential, others are in the process of catching up. 

However, this article doesn't dwell on what AI is capable of achieving. Instead, it focuses on who can consistently outshine AI, no matter how advanced it becomes. We're shining the spotlight on our gurus, teachers, and mentors, who are truly irreplaceable. As Teachers' Day approaches and the AI buzz continues to permeate our discussions, let's take a moment to pause and appreciate these invaluable founts of knowledge, who have and will consistently outperform AI.

1. Incorporating motivation and adaptability

Teachers possess an exceptional ability to establish personal connections with their students, comprehending their individual requirements, ambitions, and challenges. They can customise their teaching approaches to foster an interactive and supportive classroom atmosphere, where students experience acknowledgment, appreciation, and motivation to reach their utmost potential. Conversely, AI lacks the emotional understanding needed to discern the intricacies of human motivation. 

While it can deliver information and feedback, it falls short in replicating the authentic enthusiasm and encouragement that an enthusiastic teacher can provide. So, mentors hold the capability to ignite a passion for learning, cultivate self-confidence, and nurture the determination to succeed in their students, establishing them as indispensable figures within the educational realm, emphasised Kavita Mehra, Senior Director, India Center of Excellence, Dell Technologies. 

“As AI revolutionises personalised learning within companies, at Dell Technologies we recognise the enduring necessity of coaching, mentorship, and leadership development, which enable team members to grow in their careers while also driving the organisation’s growth. While AI can undoubtedly tailor customised learning paths, it’s educators who bring meaningful human connections that make learning more worthwhile,” added the Senior Director from Dell Technologies. 

2. Extracting meaning

AI has indeed transformed the landscape of education. Its dynamic content, interactive methodologies, and capacity for data analysis enable versatile and diverse training approaches. The technology also empowers personalised learning by offering tailored recommendations, assessments, feedback, and more. As the concept of learning continues to evolve, AI proves invaluable in bridging gaps in high-quality education, particularly within the corporate sphere. It addresses the challenge of disengagement among professionals by customising learning experiences to individual needs and preferred learning speeds, fulfilling a crucial industry demand.

While AI systems can accumulate vast amounts of data related to a learner’s performance, “it requires trainers to analyse such data to evaluate performance, engagement, and behaviour patterns. By extracting meaningful insights from this data, trainers can gain deeper understanding of individuals and make informed decisions to personalise learning experiences. AI has taken learning to a whole new level. But the most basic aspects of training and the trainee cannot do without the most elementary cog – teachers and trainers,” stated Raghavendra Rengaswamy, EY Global Delivery Services (GDS) Consulting, Data and Analytics Leader, EY Global Delivery Services India LLP. 

3. Shaping the growth trajectory

As AI reshapes the educational terrain, mentors play a pivotal role in steering an individual's path to growth. This becomes particularly evident in assisting individuals in adapting to the changes AI introduces to the workplace, emphasised by Anjali Sinha, Co-Chief Talent Officer at Publicis Sapient India and elaborated on this concept with an example. Take the field of engineering, for instance, where GenAI is redefining conventional engineering practices. While it undeniably enhances engineers' productivity, it also blurs the boundaries between various engineering roles. This prompts the question of how engineering professionals can advance in their careers during the AI era.

“Mentoring plays a critical role here in the way it can help engineers develop what we call ‘10X engineering behaviours’ that can elevate their contributions to drive transformative value. Making this mindset shift is possible with mentorship, but it takes two key aspects to come together. In the context of engineering, one is the experienced and aspirational tech leader who offers guidance and support and are looked up to as role models. And the other are rising engineers who stand to use the learnings to grow in an increasingly dynamic tech landscape and be better mentors tomorrow while driving 10X value,” she said. 

“While technology will continue to evolve, the role that mentorship will play in shaping the journey of the next generation of leadership will not change,” added Anjali Sinha. 

4. Nurturing empathy and personal connection

The question of whether AI is a boon or a bane for the education sector has sparked debates. Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, the Director of AI Research at ManageEngine, Zoho Corp, asserted that while AI can enhance productivity and overall contributions, it can never fully replace the human touch. One glaring limitation of AI and ML-powered technology is their inability to provide empathy, the human touch, and a precise understanding of emotions, particularly in the context of human relationships. Teaching, for instance, demands a certain level of empathy and personal connection, especially considering that students vary in their learning capacities and speeds. These qualities are irreplaceable by AI.

“There is still a great deal of progress to be accomplished to even consider the possibility of job displacement by AI. Despite the advancements in technology, humans still outperform AI when it comes to comprehending emotions, and recognising distinct styles and tones in speech, such as glee. Humans are intuitive and creative in devising solutions for complex scenarios, and AI can't yet match these capabilities,” he stated. 

5. Promoting moral integrity

Moral integrity is the compass that guides our behaviour, helping us differentiate between right and wrong. It encompasses honesty, empathy, responsibility, and respect for others. These values not only define our character but also govern our interactions in society. As we rely more on AI for information and guidance, it's crucial to remember that these systems are devoid of moral consciousness. They do not possess the capacity to instill ethical principles or understand the consequences of their actions. Therefore, it falls upon teachers to uphold and promote moral integrity.

Expanding on this, the Senior Director from Dell Technologies emphasised the significance of “personalised training that encompasses essential human attributes such as motivation, adaptability, empathy, and emotional support. Teachers and mentors play a pivotal role in nurturing qualities like curiosity, critical thinking, and ethical character, which are inherently human and cannot be replicated by algorithms.” 

On this Teachers' Day, let's take a moment to reach out and say Thank You to those who have lit the path of knowledge before us. Your influence continues to ripple through our lives, and we are forever grateful. 

Happy Teachers' Day! 

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