Article: The Counsellor: HR specialist role to a HR Generalist role

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The Counsellor: HR specialist role to a HR Generalist role

How do I make a shift in my role?
The Counsellor: HR specialist role to a HR Generalist role

One way to make your role change is to make yourself dispensible


Vivek Paranjpe, Consultant & Strategic HR Advisor to Reliance Industries answers professional and ethical dilemmas faced by our readers at their workplace.

Question: I worked in the recruitment side for 10 years and currently head the recruitment function in a global bank. People are recognized as key business drivers here which reflect in the several awards I have received for my contribution. But personally, I feel a void at times as my ultimate goal is to move into a generalist HR role. Given the urgent need in my organization, I do not see this movement happening very soon. But I know I will be more satisfied if I made the shift soon. How can one shift from a HR specialist role to a HR Generalist role, is it advisable to look at other organization because they make this shift possible, even while I completely enjoy my work in my present organization?

Answer: You seem to be enjoying your work and are adequately rewarded for your good work. But it is natural to want a change after 10 years in the same role. I am not surprised; however, what is the urgency? Certainly it is a good idea to move from a specialist role to a generalist role if your heart is in that. Start preparing yourself for this shift and take interest in other aspects of HR through networking and reading.
If you are a valuable resource for your bank, I am sure your manager will carefully listen to you and help you in the planning of your career. One way to initiate the role change is by making yourself dispensable. Work towards ensuring you have well institutionalized processes and systems, and a possible successor is groomed to take over from you. This will help your management to be far more open to accommodate your needs. The desired change will happen soon.

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