Article: The People Matters L&D India Conference 2022 is built for disruption. Are you ready to lead off?

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The People Matters L&D India Conference 2022 is built for disruption. Are you ready to lead off?

The People Matters L&D India Conference is back with exciting speakers and sessions that will prepare organisations and leaders to be built for disruptions. We can promise you, it’s going to be a day of immersive learning like never before!
The People Matters L&D India Conference 2022 is built for disruption. Are you ready to lead off?

In today’s era of employees, each one of us feels a sense of empowerment to choose where we want to work, when we want to work and how we want to work. And while that change has been brought about by the pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, economic instability, supply chain disruptions and concerns over inflation have accelerated it. As organisations and leaders understand and implement newer plans, what has come to the fore is the need for learning and development programmes as a key asset. According to the World Economic Forum’s report, it is predicted that by 2025, half of all employees around the world will need reskilling. And hence, the need for L&D becomes even more important, beyond onboarding and basic training that was a norm previously in most organisations. 

As many organisations move to hybrid work models, steps have been taken to boost their L&D practices, so as to engage employees, curb retention, enhance an employee’s sense of growth and align it with the company’s goals and values. There have been challenges nonetheless as most employees are looking for a personalised learning systems unique to their needs and preference. Which is understandable since in a multigenerational workforce, learning needs of a recent hire are quite different from that of an existing employee who has worked in the organisation for a decade or more. Then, there is an employee’s search for purpose at work, where he wants to gain mastery over what he does, while also looking deeper into the impact his work has, a realisation that took centerstage during remote work. And with the onslaught of advanced technologies that are set to revolutionise the future of work, newer processes are getting integrated into organisations, where learning plays a key role. 

Amidst these challenges, most Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) are plagued by innumerable questions such as: How much does one invest in training a workforce? What role will ethics, culture and values play? Will the L&D function continue to do onboarding programmes when the tenure of the employee might be three months or less? We, the nerve centre of people and work, are eager to understand how every role and industry will need to acquire new capabilities and adapt to the needs of the business. With People Matters L&D India Conference 2022, we help you discover how you can re-architect your learning strategy and ecosystem to deliver right-fit solutions, keep pace with disruptions, and help your workforce solve today’s most critical performance challenges while also developing the knowledge and skills employees will need to be successful in the future.

This year, the theme revolves around Leading Off - Built for Disruption, where we explore how capability building will — and should — help the organisation be built for disruption. Why this particular theme, you might ask? The idea is simple: We live in a disruption-crowded environment. But how do we lead off to ready our organisation with the agility, resilience, and skills needed to thrive in these disruptive times? How do we prepare our organisational capability to be built for disruption so we wave the uncertain economic and business cycles by design? 

With four sub-themes that will be highlighted throughout our agenda, the conference with over 40 speakers, 30 sessions and 10 hours of learning will offer insights on future readiness from business to skills transformation, developing a skills strategy that connects the parts to the whole, reimagining delivery and infrastructure for impact and People Matters L&D mastermind. So, what do each of the sub-themes entail? 

  • Future readiness from Business to Skills Transformation: Having a view on the future of your industry and predicting capability gaps to link business to skills transformation. 
  • Developing a skills strategy that connects the parts to the whole: Taking timely and holistic interventions to rollout capability programs and making them stick.
  • Reimagining delivery & Infrastructure for impact: Deciding enablers, relevant rails to make the rigorous yet dynamic and sustainable way of impacting. 
  • People Matters L&D Mastermind: As L&D leaders, we are at a critical juncture and we need to embrace dramatic changes in our function to thrive - or even survive in the future. Are you ready to Lead Off? Take time for your development? 

All these questions and many more will be answered at the People Matters L&D India Conference 2022 on October 12 at Hyatt, Mumbai. So get ready to disrupt because there’s no other way to thrive in the competitive workforce today. Register now. 






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