Article: Top HR technology trends in 2016

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Top HR technology trends in 2016

In this cloud-based world, it has become imperative for HR to use predictive analytics in order to make a difference in the business topline
Top HR technology trends in 2016

Isn’t it a tedious process to apply for a leave from work? What if this was made easy with just one click or even using an App to keep your manager in loop about your leave. A human resource application which can even run on your mobiles might even recommend your next job, persons whom you can connect with, help you in learning through virtual classrooms, and also telling you about people who are likely to quit your organisation – Yes! HR technology has come this far. And the potential that can be seen in this space is overwhelming. It is time for companies to pay undivided attention to predictive analytics, gamification, Big Data – not just for tech-jobs but for HR.

According to EY, being employee centric, integrated approach, Appification, predicting the future, gamification and social media – are five developments that are going to be the trends on HR technology 2016. 

Leena Sahijwani, Head of Rewards (South Asia) GE said at the EY Forum, “HR is still unsure of RoI on analytics more so because emphasis has not been paid on it. At least to start with, tracking of data should be initiated at the earliest.” Echoing her point, R Anand, VP & Global Head - People Practices, HCL Technology said, “Predictive analytics can map a lot of HR functions – attrition to feedback. It is important to keep in mind how we can increase survey insights without causing survey fatigue.”

Since the HR technology purview is changing rapidly, the CHROs and leaders need to invest on Apps and tech-tools which are going to be employee centric. Learning and development becomes easier with e-learning, virtual classrooms, meetings; employee engagement is another aspect where technology is providing assistance According to the survey conducted by the EY, about 52% HR functions use analytics, but only 10% use predictive analytics which tells a lot about how it is still at the nascent stage within HR. Using predictive analytics can help in accessing information about attrition – a challenge that has been a constant worry for most of the organisations. 

According to the EY survey, about 35% respondents wanted to use gamification in HR and 85% think this can be an essential tool for e-learning for employee engagement and assessment. Cloud-based talent solutions are emerging in the same space. These are more upgraded than that of ERP and they target the core HR functions such as employee engagement, payroll, attendance, and also learning.

Since technology in HR is still at the nascent stage, it has become imperative to use analytics – just to ensure better productivity, seamless transitions from roles, behavioural assessments, learning and development, counter attrition, hire perfect talents, and the list is endless.

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