Article: Top sessions you can’t afford to miss at People Matters L&D Conference 2019

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Top sessions you can’t afford to miss at People Matters L&D Conference 2019

This year’s People Matters L&D Conference will tackle the challenges of defining the learning landscape of tomorrow, empowering employees to learn, unlearn, and upskill themselves and taking the L&D teams to a new level in the future of work.
Top sessions you can’t afford to miss at People Matters L&D Conference 2019

A workforce that is ready to tackle the challenges that the future of work holds, a group of employees who are empowered to fail fast and learn faster--are the ones who can lead the rest into the future. 

The uncertain future is fast approaching and impacting the world of work and people. How can businesses grow under such volatile conditions? Adapting to changes constantly and being ready for the future is the only way forward. In order to change consistently and constantly, employees and leaders must put on their thinking caps and embark upon a dedicated journey of learning quickly, implementing the learnings, and unlearning at a rapid pace. 

The People Matters L&D Annual Conference 2019 is fast approaching and this year, the theme focuses on ‘Learning to invent for tomorrow.’ This conference is designed to empower and equip learning and development leaders to develop a fast-learning ecosystem within their organizations and build a readiness agenda for their respective companies. The conference, which is to be held on Nov. 6 in Mumbai has been designed in a way that the latest trends, innovations, and best practices are touched upon in order to develop the right mindsets, processes and infrastructure for L&D leaders. 

Here are the key sessions from expert speakers that you can’t miss from this year’s line-up of carefully crafted sessions that cover innovative learning solutions, latest trends, and best practices. 

Opening keynote on ‘Learning to reinvent for tomorrow’

For businesses that are wanting to stay relevant and power their growth amidst a disruptive future, learning becomes their first line of defense to empower the human side of business. In this opening keynote, you will understand what organizations need to do in order to leverage learning and reinvent themselves to stay relevant, optimize performance and not only survive but thrive. 

The keynote address will be given by Andrew Bryant, a motivational speaker based in Singapore who is an authority on self-leadership, inspiration, influence, and impact. 

Case study: Seismic shifts in learning--the next wave 

As business models evolve and change, as millennials make way into pivotal roles and technology alters the DNA of the workplace, L&D leaders need to redesign the learning narrative. How do we embrace the art of unlearning and re-learning continuously, the culture of failing fast and re-creating in order to deliver on this requirement? In this noteworthy session, you can understand how a new-age organization like Uber is anticipating the shifts in learning and integrating them into its learning culture. 

This session will be conducted by Manavi Baveja, Head of APAC People Development.

Masterclass: Learning for business outcomes 

Often, organizations struggle with the question: “How can we train effectively and efficiently?” The struggle stems from the idea that L&D leaders might have asked the wrong question. A better question might be: “What’s the best way to LEARN for business impact?” How do we TRAIN creates a limited number of “trainer-owned” answers. The best way to LEARN for business impact offers an endless number of answers for you and therefore for the learner and the organization. This masterclass will focus on this very question and will put forward guiding principles within the context of research that supports best practices for you and your organizations. 

This session will be conducted by David Yesford, Senior Vice President, Wilson Learning Worldwide.

Case Study: Faster, higher, stronger--building a future-ready workforce 

Today L&D has transformed itself to be more than just about efficiency and outreach. Building a future-ready workforce is the need of the hour for every organization. Learn how organizations can fast track learning, raise skill levels higher and build a resilient and agile workforce through L&D programs. What are the right tools and techniques for leveraging L&D to build such a workforce? You can dive deep into OYO’s L&D practices and learn how the leaders are leveraging some of these tools to build a future-ready workforce and how digitalization of L&D will lead the way.

In an enriching session, Charandeep David, Head of Learning and Development (SOB), OYO, will shed light on how the company has been able to leverage a few techniques to digitize the L&D sphere. 

Case Study: ‘Blue' is the new 'White' in thriving 'gig economy' 

An important part of today’s thriving gig economy is the blue-collar workforce. Organizations cannot choose to ignore this portion of the workforce if they want to power their future readiness agenda. How can companies design an L&D agenda that enables them to create a significant business impact? In this session, hear from Vivek Mehrotra, Head of Learning and Development, Zomato, who will share his experience of creating an impact on tangible business results through training at Reliance, Flipkart, Jana Bank, and Zomato. 

This insightful session will be conducted by Vivek Mehrotra, Head of Learning and Development, Zomato.

Masterclass: Powering reinvention through experimental learning

The future is uncertain, it’s fast, and it changes rapidly. Reinvention can no longer come through the classroom or set formats. Join this session to know-how in this rapidly changing world, experiential learning makes for a more transformative and immersive learning experience and can better power our reinvention agenda. Ashish Vidyarthi, Founder Ashish Vidyarthi & Associates-Avid Miner Traveler Communicator also an Actor, conducts this masterclass to help L&D leaders navigate the demand for continuous learning through an experimental lens. 

(Know more about the latest trends in the learning & development landscape at the People Matters L&D Conference 2019 scheduled for 6th November in Mumbai. Click here to register.)

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