Article: Employment in Education Sector-Then and Now

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Employment in Education Sector-Then and Now

While the opportunities in this sector vary from teaching to training and finance to human resources, the most lucrative and proud thing is that you get to teach the future generation of the country.
Employment in Education Sector-Then and Now

When it comes to a job, people prefer being in a space that is demanding and fulfilling too. And if you are looking for one, the education sector is the catch for you. While the opportunities in this sector vary from teaching to training and finance to human resources, the most lucrative and proud thing is that you get to teach the future generation of the country. The education sector offers many opportunities for professionals with different experience levels. The jobs in the education sector also have a hidden social responsibility of informing and educating the younger generation.

Also, according to health experts, the mental satisfaction of sharing knowledge and educating others make this profession fulfilling in every way possible. According to a survey of education professionals carried out by specialist recruiter, teaching has been voted as the highest satisfying job with more than 45% of teachers agreeing to it. The revamped pay scale after the implementation of the 7th pay commission has made it a lucrative job that even the young professionals wish to pursue.

At present, with over 250 million kids in India, we have more students going to school than any other country in the world. This is an indicator that the scope for jobs in the education sector is booming every day. 

While the twenty-first century is a victim to continuous change, one thing that has remained intact is the value of education and teachers, as the source of awareness. One thing that has changed in education for all good is the mode of teaching. The concept of ‘Smart classrooms’ with projectors has replaced blackboards. Assignments are submitted online rather than in paper. Today, YouTube channels are more important than notebooks and lectures. The technological advancement and Ed-Tech have been making the learning process easier.

According to experts, there are many advantages to working in the education sector and a few of the most notable include:

  • Exposure to multiple perspectives: In the education sector you are exposed to a wide variety of perspectives and many different opinions. The classroom sessions bring in a whole lot of people with different ideologies, which further challenges your perspective and gives the scope to grow.
  • Stable schedule: The most lucrative part of this sector is a reliable work schedule with stable hours and little overtime. In general, your work ends with the dusk and there are no targets as such.
  • Personal fulfillment: The whole idea of guiding and nurturing the future of the country gives you a sense of achievement and fulfillment. It has been proven that the act of teaching and guiding others gives you mental peace as well.
  • Interpersonal interactions: Those that choose to enter the education sector develop close relationships with their co-workers, students, and the academic community. In the case of teaching job, it is imperative to build an interpersonal connection with the student to understand his/her psyche and guide accordingly.

As far as professional development is concerned, education sector again stands with an upper hand that furnishes you with a different set achievement that are important for professional growth. It is believed that experience is the quickest way to increase your income in this profession. By consciously focusing on a few key skills you can quickly increase your worth within the education sector, below are 8 skills that one should consider:

  • Adaptability: The education sector is very dynamic and one needs to adapt the changes according to the needs of the sector. One must have a willingness to alter techniques and implement new approaches to education.
  • Dedication: Although the education sector’s work schedule is typically straight forward, employees should demonstrate dedication to their field by preparing and researching outside of the regular workweek.
  • Communication: In the education sector, it is important to have communication skills, to clearly articulate knowledge and be able to gauge understanding of knowledge.
  • Creativity: It is imperative in every job these days, as the creative approach to teaching and learning distinguishes the strongest employees in the education sector.
  • Enthusiasm: Employees in the education sector should have passion and enthusiasm to walk that extra mile to make others understand. That zeal to teach others and motivate them to achieve success is what makes you stand out in the education sector.
  • Management: In order to excel in the education sector, an employee should be able to manage a variety of tasks and convey ideas in a coherent manner. Today management skills make you stand out of the crowd and provide scope to grow and nurture.

These are a few parameters; apart from that, the sector offers a perfect blend of job satisfaction, exposure and fulfillment that makes it the first preference for young minds to choose as a career option. So, are you willing to make a shift?

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