Article: Technology Talent is the Need of the Hour


Technology Talent is the Need of the Hour

In a skills-constrained environment, a company’s ability to find, attract, and access the right professional DNA is critical to success

In a recent survey conducted by, one of the leading online career recruitment solutions provider, 68% of the respondents feel it is extremely difficult or at least difficult to hire talent for niche skills (technology), leaving merely 17% saying it is either not that difficult or easy to find such talent. Aligning to the current situation,, today introduced TalentBin by Monster ®- which provides recruiters access to candidate profiles aggregated from social sources across the Web. Through this platform aims at finding the “unfindable” talent using a storehouse of actionable information and web-based recruiting tools.

In a skills-constrained environment, a company’s ability to find, attract, and access the right professional DNA is critical to success. TalentBin by Monster not only automates and streamlines the talent discovery process via automated site monitoring, interpretation and matching, but also simplifies and automates the recruiting workflow, allowing recruiters do more in less time.

Further, the survey has highlighted some thought-provoking insights on hiring specialized skill set in India. Around 55% of the respondents said their recruitment department needs 5 – 10 man hours to hire a technology professional. To make it even more challenging 72% highlighted that only 2 out of 10 of their correspondences with job seekers actually convert into hiring. This prompts the need for a platform that facilitates in saving recruitment time and offer a powerful pipeline and candidate interaction tracking

Mr Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, (India/Middle East/Southeast Asia/Hong Kong) added, “Technical talent is notoriously difficult to access and recruit. Many are not active job seekers, and therefore are unlikely to have uploaded a resume to a database or created a web profile, which makes them ‘unfindable’. However, relevant talent is spending time online and leaving their footprints, demonstrating the professional skills that make them desirable candidates.  This makes way for recruiters to find the ‘unfindable’ in time and at the right place. Interestingly our survey indicates 87% agreeing that there is a need for disruptive technology to find relevant talent.  We need to look at augmenting how recruitment is approached”

Further adding, “The social web is a critical element of today’s recruiting best practices.  Our TalentBin by Monster is a solution to this evolution of online and web hiring. It has an intuitive and specialized communication template assembling candidate profiles from publicly available online sources, limited to professionally relevant information. It is going to surely make the ‘unfindable’- found”

By harnessing the vast amount of professionally relevant information people share across the social web, TalentBin by Monster surfaces potential job candidates by assembling profiles using current professional activities from relevant sites.  By making sense of candidate social activity, and compiling those details into a rich professional profile, complete with contact information, recruiters now can find many previously undiscoverable candidates – including those not actively seeking a new job.

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