Article: 10 Types of colleagues you’ll meet at every office


10 Types of colleagues you’ll meet at every office

Have you come across one of these types of employees in your office?
10 Types of colleagues you’ll meet at every office

The average time we spend at work is 8 hours.  And in that time, we come across a variety of colleagues that display characteristics that are eerily similar to someone we have encountered before. If you happen to have experienced this, you’ll surely relate to this index that maps the 10 most common people you find in every other office:

1. The Workaholic:

Be it 7 AM or 10 PM, the workaholic considers the office as his permanent residence. These type of people are found glued to their seats and attend to all the messages or emails within 30 minutes. You’ll often find yourself regarding them with a mixture of respect and pity, wondering if they have any personal life. 

2. The Latecomer:

This type of colleague never shows up on time which delays the schedule for the entire team. These people show signs of irresponsibility and always look for excuses to take off early, expecting the team behind them to pick up the slack.

3. The Gossip Monger:

No secret is hidden from the gossip mongers and they know everything about office politics. Found snooping around every now or then, these people love to talk behind their colleagues. Without them, life in the office wouldn't be complete. Such people are the ones you can turn to for bits of interesting news in the office space. 

4. Boss’s Favorite:

The boss’s favorite employee is always found being a ‘yes-man’ to the boss. This colleague tries too hard to please the boss and get into the manager’s good books. Whether it’s to get a promotion, a pay-hike, they become servile to their bosses.

5. The Slacker:

Nobody wants to be teamed up with a slacker who always finds some excuse to not get any productive work done during or after the work hours. On the occasion where they make an appearance or work behind their computer screens, you can be sure that they are just passing their time on social media and not doing actual work. 

6. The Crib Master:

This kind of colleague will just whine and crib about everything. With a grumpy face and a perpetual frown on the forehead, crib masters behave as if the world owes them something. If you don’t want to be around negativity, it’s best to steer clear of such individuals.

7. The Snacks Supplier:

The co-worker whose desk you would frequent most among other employees. Such colleagues are a boon in disguise as they stock up on snacks in their drawers and expect everyone around to help themselves. Whenever any colleague is in need of a mid-day energy boost, they can always bank on this colleague. 

8. The Agony Aunt:

If you hate unsolicited advice, then you surely must have encountered agony aunt at your workplace, who will give you free advice on anything and everything. 

9. The Freeloaders:

From devouring all the snacks in the canteen, hoarding on the stationery and tea sachets or constantly helping oneself to the free coffee and food, every office has its own version of freeloaders who love to take unfair advantage of company’s policies and benefits and are also experts in taking credit for other’s work.  

10. The Intruder:

This type of colleague loves to interfere in your matters even if that does not concern them personally or professionally.  Always keen to know the news around in the office, by hook or by crook, such type of people do not rest until they have all the information they need at their fingertips. 

Sometimes, no matter where you work, you can’t help meeting the same blend of personalities and deal with their idiosyncrasies. So, the best option to co-work with such colleagues is to just acknowledge their quirky individual personalities and play along. 

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