Article: A dream job in a dream city for techies


A dream job in a dream city for techies

Now that you have discovered a career in tech, find out which are the best cities in the world to work in.
A dream job in a dream city for techies

While Silicon Valley is home to many of the most desirable tech companies, it is no longer the tech job Mecca that it used to be a few years ago.  People are looking elsewhere for tech jobs.

New data research by jobs and recruiting website Glassdoor shows that in the past five years, the share of software-related roles in San Jose, California, the valley's biggest metro area, has declined.

Here are some dream tech cities you may love to work in.  There are other cities as well like Boston, Denver, Austin and the Silicon Valley, of course.


As per, the median tech wage in Seattle is $96,197, which is more than other big tech hubs in the US. The New York Times also calls it the new center of tech boom. There are many tech companies in Seattle including Boeing and Amazon. Not far away from Seattle, Redmond (Washington) is home to Microsoft. Seattle is one of the best places in the world to work in, especially for tech lovers

New York

New York is the financial hub of the world; but it is actually a hub for anything you can think of. There are tons of job opportunities for techies, thanks to its rapid IT expansion. The city is richly connected to Wi-Fi with fast browsing and downloading speeds. The country’s economy is largely helped by some of the IT industries in the city.


Tokyo is one of the best high-tech cities in the world. The city excels in the manufacturing of tech gadgets, next-generation mobile phones, advanced electronics and high speed transportation. Tokyo is home to many big brands like Panasonic, Nikon and Sony. It also boosts fast Internet connections (with speeds of up to 2GBPS) at cheaper rates ($50 per month). Without doubt, the number of opportunities available makes Tokyo one of the best tech cities to work in.


Toronto is the best and the largest innovative hub among tech firms in Canada. At least 40% of technology businesses in the country are served by Toronto Census Metropolitan area (CMA). IT industry in the city is expanding very quickly and is in need of many talented individuals. Offices of some of the world’s biggest companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google have been opened in the city.


Known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bangalore is the biggest IT hub in India. It contributes to 33% of the country’s total IT exports. Bangalore will be the fastest growing city in the next ten years according to Forbes Magazine. The city holds offices of some of the world’s best tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Infosys, TCS and Wipro.

From what we have witnessed in the past few decades, a career in the technology field is an evergreen one. This is because technology is booming day-after-day and tech firms are playing a heroic role in the economic prosperity and growth of many countries. Today’s younger generation is passionate about working in a technology sector as well as learning new technological innovations.

Working in one of the leading tech cities in the world will not only offer you healthy perks, but will also improve your overall living standards and increase your career growth opportunities.  

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