Article: Be my Valentine: The Recruiter-Candidate relationship


Be my Valentine: The Recruiter-Candidate relationship

On this Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about the beautiful relationship a recruiter and a candidate share. For a simplified recruitment process, it is important for both to have an excellent user experience. This is where technology steps in. How can technology improve and nurture the recruiter-candidate relationship? Read on to find more.
Be my Valentine: The Recruiter-Candidate relationship

Talking about the HRTech industry, what could be more beautiful than a recruiter-candidate relationship? The recruitment process cannot be complete without both. 

Do you agree with me? 

I often compare the recruiter-candidate duo to Tom and Jerry. I am sure you love watching Tom & Jerry. Both are inseparable, keep on fighting, but cannot live without each other. Don’t recruiters and candidates share the same relationship? Recruiters (Tom) use various strategies to attract candidates (Jerry). However, they fail to make them fall in their trap because of an inefficient recruitment process.

To attract candidates, you must provide them with a positive candidate experience. And this is where technology steps in. 

In this article, let’s talk about how technology can provide a positive candidate and recruiter experience. In short, how can it nurture the recruiter-candidate relationship?

What is the Candidate Experience?

Every contact a candidate makes with a company is counted as a candidate experience. It can be submitting a resume, interacting with recruiters for the interview process, email communication, etc. This interaction results in a positive and negative experience. 

Positive Experience- When a candidate is satisfied with the job application process and is looking forward to work with the company.

Negative Experience- When the job application is annoying, the interactions with the company are unprofessional and the candidate doesn’t want to hear from the company.

Why Does It Matter?

The main aim of recruiters is to get quality talent. Of course, as a recruiter, you do not want to miss the right fit because your system ended up the coveted candidate a bad user experience.

  • Reducing job search time
  • Quick resume submissions 
  • Timely communication 

will attract the right bunch of candidates. 

15% of candidates who have a positive hiring experience put more effort into a job.

Challenges in providing the perfect candidate experience:

  • Lengthy job applications are annoying for candidates. They will leave your website and job applications mid-way if they need to enter the same information again and again.
  • Candidates expect timely communication. At times, the recruiters fail to respond to candidates’ queries. 
  • Are candidates reading your job description but not applying for a job post?

Let the Recruiter-Candidate relationship bloom

How can you improve this relationship? 

  • Applicant Tracking System: Using an ATS will streamline your recruitment process. It improves recruiting by providing numerous features such as one-click job postings to multiple job boards, sourcing candidates, easy interview scheduling, searchable database of candidates, recruiting analytics & reports, and much more.
  • Resume Parser: It is a game changer in recruiting. If your ATS has a resume parser, it will let the candidates upload the resume, and the parser will automatically populate the fields. Recruiters will also get extracted candidate information from resumes in data fields. This makes it easy for the recruiters to shortlist candidates.
  • Chatbots: Chatbots share a major responsibility of recruiters by interacting with candidates. They pre-screen candidates, respond to their queries and manage administrative tasks. 
  • Timely Communication: Notifications to candidates at every stage build trust. Have an effective communication flow in place by acknowledging candidates’ application, informing about selection and rejection and thanking them for participating in your recruitment process. 
  • Job Descriptions: Make your job descriptions clear, precise and easy to understand. It should be attractive enough for the candidates to make them apply for the job. This will give more weight to your career page.

Recruitment analytics solutions, the latest techniques, and strategies can surely enhance the recruitment process. An effective recruitment process will take the recruiter-candidate relationship to the next level.

On this Valentine’s day, take a step ahead to provide a better candidate experience.

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