Article: How to create your own online brand


How to create your own online brand

Your personal brand is your calling card, its what sets you apart for your target audience, the industry experts and the recruiters.
How to create your own online brand

In this digital age, all of us are our own brands. But do you know the value of your brand? Whether you are going on a date or appearing for an interview, chances are people you are going to meet have already Googled your name. So what do you about that?

Branding is not just about business anymore. In the digital ecosystem, we are connected with everyone. Everything we do today has the potential to impact someone else’s life halfway around the world. As a result, we all have a personal brand that is the sum total of all our interactions with people around us. Yet, not many of us have paid enough attention to cultivate this brand. 

Personal branding is all about being in charge of your own reputation irrespective of whether you own a business or not. Here are a few tips for you to create and manage your own online brand successfully.

Do a quick audit of your online presence

Before you begin to think about changing the perceptions of your target audience about yourself, you need to know the current status of your online reputation. Google yourself and setup alerts for your name. If you have a fairly common name or if your namesake has already claimed it online, try to differentiate yourself by using your middle name. Your online reputation is about creating intellectual property, so be unique.

Learn to love your own brand

When people think about you, what do you want them to associate your name with - expertise in a particular subject or perhaps a profession? Either way, you have to define that for yourself and once you do that you can begin strategizing your personal brand outlook for your target audience. This doesn’t mean you have to start talking about yourself in the third person. On the contrary, the more human touch you give to your personal brand, the better results it will yield. Be authentic about who you are and you will equip your personal brand to open doors to new opportunities for you in no time.

Get a personal website

The best way to give your personal brand a boost from the start is to get yourself a website with your name on it. It need not be elaborate, just a simple website with a brief introduction, your resumé and links to your social media channels is enough to get started.

Pay attention to your content

Every page on your website, every picture, every tweet, every Facebook update contributes to your personal online brand. Make sure every piece of content you share meets the strategy guidelines you defined earlier for yourself.

Connect with the right brands

The strength of your personal brand depends on its relations with other personal brands. Find the right people to connect with in your subject matter or your industry so that your brand gets the leverage of associating with stronger brands. Your personal brand story draws its strengths from the endorsements it will get from these connections.

The digital marketplace is a crowded space. It’s difficult for any brand to stand out and be noticed by the right people. Your personal brand is your calling card, it’s what sets you apart for your target audience, the industry experts and the recruiters. And the only secret is that to be noticed by the right people is all about ensuring uniqueness and authenticity in your personal brand - in real life, on your resumé, and in the online world.


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