Article: Talent - a leader of its own: Shantanu Dhar


Talent - a leader of its own: Shantanu Dhar

Shantanu Dhar, Assistant Executive Director, Dalmia Cements

There will be significant changes in the way the new workforce perceives leadership. The new lot of people are highly motivated and capable and do not want to be led. Therefore, leaders should be able to identify with the same, share the idea and quickly move out of their way in order to ensure optimum productivity

There will also be change in how rewards are perceived. The reward for doing good work should not be more work. For the new workforce that demands a work-life balance, the reward definition will undergo a change. The company must engage with the talent to understand what they want. For many, the best reward is time off work. There will be an increase inclusion of sabbaticals.

The new and young talent has grown up in an environment where they openly share on social media. They prefer an authentic and transparent work environment and therefore talent management has to adopt an open and transparent method of operating. The new workforce is already collaborative in nature and they expect a similar environment to work in.

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