Article: Unlock your Natal Chart for leadership qualities


Unlock your Natal Chart for leadership qualities

We all possess some leadership qualities - employees who are introvert are not necessarily docile when it comes to showcasing their authorities in situations required.
Unlock your Natal Chart for leadership qualities

Believe it or don’t – but that Natal Chart of yours can unlock a great deal about your leadership qualities. No, we are not trying to be the Linda Goodman of HR, but as we begin this Financial Year 2016-17, let’s explore the subtle qualities from the sun signs which help in understanding your relations with your bosses and colleagues.

We all possess some leadership qualities – employees who are introvert are not necessarily docile when it comes to showcasing their authorities in situations required. Some hone their talent others are born with it – but both need to be equally hardworking to achieve success.

And, since data is what we all believe in, there are surveys done by CNN & CareerBuilder about Zodiac signs, and also last year predictive analytics also showed how two particular sun signs dominated the US President rank. Forbes has also compiled a report with the help of 4 Astrologers about 'Billionaire Horoscopes'.

Autonomous Aries

Competing is your favourite game – proving your mettle in the most difficult situations and emerging as a winner is what you love. You dislike taking ‘no’ for an answer, and usually command attention and respect with élan. There is nothing like working on your own as you need ample autonomy in the way you work. Aries people are enthusiastic about numerous projects, and you take all those projects in hand but finishing all the work is little daunting for you – the reason you need able colleagues who help you with this. Maya Angelou is one Aries we all should be proud of. 

Talented Taurus

A team-playing leader is how you want to define yourself. The stubbornness actually help you take you through the complicated times and the determination to succeed elevate you to be a great visionary. You are capable of turning some lofty ideas into reality – with strong sense of morality. A very careful and thorough in all your undertaking, you see to it that a project is finished under your guidance on time. Adele is one talented Taurian.

Gentle Gemini

Flexibility is what makes you stand out. You often are in two minds in doing certain things but the plus point is when there is a problem, you come up with two or more solutions – a perfect person to go to in times of crises. Communication is one of your key areas and you excel in creating a great rapport with your colleagues and you are one person who doesn’t mind the changes in the system like others do. Bobby Jindal is a Gemini.

Compassionate Cancer

You can motivate people around you immensely. You don’t brag about your achievements but quietly do your work and succeed – however you work best when you have the assistance of your trusted ones. Working on your own is what you love to do, but you know how to manage the lonely feeling at the top. Anthony Bourdain sums up these leadership traits of a Cancerian.

Lavish Leo

You like to be in charge – of your team, your company, and your life. You know how to make things happen and never shy in taking risks, adept in various situations, know how to make others agree to what you want to do. However, sometimes this overzealousness can cause some bitter alliances, but you don’t have the time to care about those lost glory. Performance is the key and you strive for success from the moment you start your project/business. Barack Obama is a great example of a Leo.

Vivacious Virgo

You have a huge high standard – with regard to your work. Compassionate and considerate, you are naturally inclined to follow someone’s great ideas – you execute plans superbly, and work selflessly to achieve success. Your strong sense of duty is what makes you stand apart from the rest of your colleagues. You are very practical in your thoughts and ideas, and seldom engage in lofty plans which have no ways to be successful.

Loving Libra

The strong sense of right and wrong is instilled in you to the core of your being. The one with unique solutions to problems; you are committed to your work, team. Your creativity is what sets you apart from others. However, in order to appease everyone, you tend to go overboard with your kindness. You work best with an equal partner. Hugh Jackman is one such Libran.

Secretive Scorpio

You love being in control, and you are never without a plan. You are energetic, hard working, and enjoy the authority and autonomy of your position. You are extremely loyal to your team, and to your work. Blatantly honest about your ideas, you are one of those who love to take bold decisions, are generally ahead of your time with regard to revolutionary plans, and you are extremely secretive when it comes to sensitive information.  Indra Nooyi is the perfect example.

Sagacious Sagittarius

Free-spirited and creative – are what define you. You work in your own space and time, and do not like to adhere to the strict timelines, which you think takes away the creativity. You can work on variety of projects at a time, yet don’t feel stifled as it gives you more leeway to expand your way of thinking. You hate power struggle and don’t want to be in the race to reach to the top level. Woody Allen is one such Sagittarius.

Committed Capricorn

Ethics, hardwork, and committed – are three things that give you the edge. You have a very realistic approach of doing things and follow rules and directions well. You are very goal-oriented – that is if your idea is to reach to the top of your company, you will achieve it through your hardwork and perseverance. Colleagues like to emulate you since they respect your thoughts and believe in you. Michael Schumacher is a gifted Capricorn. 

Amazing Aquarius

You are a people-person. Colleagues love to hang out with you. Your visions are sometimes quirky but are good in implementing them with your patience, complete projects on time to achieve set goals. You need that freedom to be creative and also sometimes do well when you work solo. Your innovative ideas might seem to be a daunting task for others to follow but once those are worked out, it spells success. You know what you want, and you know how to get it done. Cristiano Ronaldo is a true blue Aquarian.

Peaceful Pisces

You are naturally competitive, but you don’t like to be since you rarely feel the need to prove yourself to others. Not concerned with power politics, you are more at peace with the work you do, and also support others to succeed at their work. You always look for off-the-beaten-track ideas and excel in them.  You are adept in accepting changes and you are essential when it comes to handling team crises.  Steve Jobs is a perfect example of a great Piscean.

Your Natal Chart cannot guarantee success, but to finally achieve the potential you have within yourself, you need to have perseverence, vision, mission, confidence, and be ready to be hardworking. It's a total effort and not just on luck!


Disclaimer: We, as a publishing House, create content for all -- readers who are purely interested in scientific research backed by data (our research on Workforce Analytics, TechHR and other data-driven articles are there), and people who also see value and amusement in subjective, qualitative perspectives.

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