Article: Goodness of workplace wellness

Corporate Wellness Programs

Goodness of workplace wellness

How to increase your wellness quotient with these simple and inexpensive ideas that will put you on the path to a good wellbeing culture
Goodness of workplace wellness

Today, it is not uncommon for companies to cultivate a workplace wellness culture that encourages employees to adapt a healthy lifestyle, be happier, be charged with high energy levels and increased productivity.  In order to be able to sustain this and to make it the company’s mission to empower employees to create healthy habits, some of the following steps need to be followed.

Lead by example

Leadership is very important in developing a culture of wellness.  Employees are likely to follow their leader’s behaviour.  Set the standards with your employees by what you do.  If you are encouraging employees to take breaks, make sure that you take breaks yourself.  Instead of sitting down sedentarily for a weekly meeting, you might want to take a walk outside.  Actions speak louder than words.  Use your actions to lead the way.

A leading Texas Medical Center called Houston Methodist that created competitions and events that revolved around steps.  One such event was a CEO challenge where employees were given the task of overstepping their superiors.  It got the CEOs out there, walking with their staff and quite visible in this activity.

Encourage the use of fitness equipment that can save the cost of a gym membership

A gym membership can cost a lot of money.  If there are no options for providing a workout area for employees, you might want to encourage walking, which is easily accessible and economical.  Motivating employees to use fun and quirky ideas that can be accessed anytime, anyplace might also go a long way in encouraging employees to become more physically active.  For example, foam rollers, a kettle bell or dumbbell, a yoga mat, gym balls, terrabands, a colourful running belt to carry a phone, keys and money, protein shake bottles, customized T-shirts, a towel with a tongue-in-cheek quote printed across it, a yoga wheel, a ropeless weighted jump rope and more.

At The Motley Fool, a multimedia financial services company in the United States, they have a very strong culture of wellness; from free spinning classes, boot camps and subsidized massages to health and fitness challenges and themes for each month

Promote healthy eating

Advertise the benefits of food that is both healthy and tasty.  Inspire employees to avoid packaged foods that are high on salt and sugar.  Certain exotic packaged dry fruits also come under this category.  Avoid installing vending machines on the office campus that sell chips, chocolates and other junk food.  Offer healthy snacks to employees at your cafeteria, that could be a fruit salad, puffed rice, almond milk without the sugar, payasam with dal and jaggery or even a millet based halwa, using a raisin pulp for sweetening.

Cosmetics that don’t hurt

An average person uses a mindboggling amount of chemicals to look and smell presentable.  Inspire employees to use personal care products that minimize the damage.  It would be impossible to get absolutely chemical-free products.  The next best thing would be to use paraben-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic stuff and non-lead, non-toxic cosmetics.

Developing a culture of wellbeing is far more important and beneficial than simply developing a wellness program.  Use the above strategies to bring about lasting and long-term positive changes to your employees’ lifestyle and wellbeing.   

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