Article: Podcast: The pandemic has brought back the focus on employee well-being

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Podcast: The pandemic has brought back the focus on employee well-being

Rahul Goyal, MD – India & South East Asia, ADP shares his views on the biggest shifts that organizations have seen in 2020 and what will define the workplace of 2021, in this exclusive podcast with People Matters.
Podcast: The pandemic has brought back the focus on employee well-being

Millions of people worldwide are grieving and mourning the passing of the #Normal. In this podcast with Rahul Goyal, MD – India & South East Asia, ADP, we reflect on the world before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 that changed the world forever. We hit the rewind button and decipher the big learnings of 2020 and ask what is the new normal and what's next for the world of business.

This podcast series explores how leaders are addressing the needs of their employees, customers, and stakeholders, the future of work, formative moments in their careers, the workplace issues that affect us all, and more.

Rahul Goyal is a business leader with over twenty years of experience in a variety of roles in the HCM space. His forte lies in managing diverse business units, which involves HR and payroll outsourcing, consulting, and HR automation. Besides managing the HCM portfolios for the Indian sub-continent, he also possesses a decade of international experience in setting up and managing country / regional operations in the UK and Middle East (GCC) countries. He is currently playing the role of a Managing Director & General Manager for ADP - India, South East Asia wherein his main expertise lies in providing HCM solutions to the clients present in India and South East Asia.

Goyal says, “Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, from an employer’s perspective, the focus has shifted entirely to employees’ safety and well-being. On the other hand, organizations now want to become more agile and lean and in doing so, they are rediscovering some of the blind spots of inefficiencies in their organization. The interesting fact is that they are taking accelerated efforts to plug those. These are two shifts that I see emerging for the COVID-19 era” 

Some of the key points discussed in this podcast include:

  1. The biggest shifts observed across organizations in 2020
  2. As we navigate through the next normal, what have been some ways ADP India has adapted to this time of tremendous change
  3. The most disruptive aspects to ADP’s business so far, in 2020
  4. How to balance purpose and action in an environment like this
  5. What will the workplace of the post-COVID-19 future look like
  6. What's the next normal and how does one create enough leadership bandwidth to think ahead

Listen to the full podcast here.

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