Article: Winning on talent with wellness: How can leaders champion people-centric wellness frameworks?

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Winning on talent with wellness: How can leaders champion people-centric wellness frameworks?

As employee wellness programs become critical, Sudhir Patro of HCL Healthcare tells us how they support businesses in achieving an impactful healthcare transformation.
Winning on talent with wellness: How can leaders champion people-centric wellness frameworks?

We’re in the age of hyper-growth economies competing to keep pace with the emergence of new-age technologies. This is especially true for IT companies, who have added $100 billion in ten years when the first $10 billion took 30 years, as NASSCOM President Debjani Ghosh pointed out. However, the flip side of this exciting picture is the challenges of functioning in a high-demand, highly competitive work environment. 

Such taxing working conditions have had a tremendous negative impact on employee health and well-being, which tends to manifest in common ailments, near-misses conditions, emergencies, and chronic health issues. As per the ASSOCHAM survey, 43% of Indian employees suffer from depression, with at least 23% suffering from obesity. In addition, high blood pressure, slipped discs, diabetes, and arthritis are all frequent ailments. As if this wasn’t concerning enough, 3.2 % of Indians are deficient due to high medical costs. 

Although the pandemic brought to light the urgency of health care, its importance continues to be on the rise as well-being becomes a crucial differentiator in recruiting and retaining talent. Employees today will undoubtedly gravitate toward organisations that step up to show how much they care. And for employers to truly design a framework that addresses the rising health concerns of their people, the right healthcare partner will be a key factor in creating a sustained and meaningful change in the well-being of their people and the culture of the workplace. 

This is where HCL Healthcare comes in, a partner that prioritises your employee well-being and ensures a healthier bottom line for your enterprise. Having served over 500,000 individuals across various industries, including large corporates, it recognises the importance of accessibility and guarantees its services to the hybrid, diversified workforces of progressive and growing organisations. Moreover, it addresses the urgency of employee health checks, which is a vital factor in the early detection and prevention of potentially chronic illnesses.

Elevating the impact of your well-being programs and policies 

With the commitment to deliver healthcare excellence, organisations today need to redesign their well-being framework to drive more impactful results and address holistic healthcare needs. With HCL Healthcare by their side, offering a wide range of onsite and wellness solutions customised to their unique employee needs, businesses seek to benefit from this partnership in the following ways: 

Data Analysis to benchmark wellness strategies and design more direct, impactful interventions

Determined to be the trusted long-term care partner for people in health or illness, HCL Healthcare offers its comprehensive services in line with the unique wellness needs of your workforce. By leveraging EMR-led clinical solutions and intelligent analytics, it comes with the digital edge that ensures you offer the desired wellness offerings to your people. One of the critical differentiators of their solutions, when compared to others, is their emphasis on offering unmatched patient experience and outcomes by adopting global best practices for medical quality and training, using evidence-based treatments, and integrating advanced technology. 

Through their 100% digitised records, employees can access their relevant checkup details. Most importantly, because they prioritise HIPPA-compliant record keeping, your workforce can be assured that their sensitive information is secure in an age of increased data security risks. 

Emphasising preventive healthcare for the long-term well-being of your employees and families

With the rise in work pressure and unhealthy lifestyles, there has been a rising need for health checks to monitor one’s physical well-being. Moreover, health checks must start early, especially in the age group of 30-35 years, wherein disease control ability is faster, and so is its resolution. Having recognised this, HCL Healthcare empowers businesses today to build a sustainable healthcare system, especially as we experiment with different working styles. 

On-site clinics that cater to primary, preventive including health checkups, emergency response, speciality care, COVID-19 care, and lifestyle management; the intention is to make healthcare as accessible as possible in the workplace. Employee testimonials have also highlighted how detecting diseases at the right stage has helped in their cure and moving closer to leading healthier lives. 



Additionally, there is also the option of virtual checkups and access to holistic telemedicine that can enable your people to be closer to accessing wellness services even while they operate from remote locations. The end in mind is to offer a range of services that create and curate a managed health transformation of your workforce and keep a pulse on their urgent healthcare needs. 

Expanding the horizon with a plethora of wellness programs available to corporates

Although preventive healthcare solutions backed by On-site clinics and telemedicine are one crucial part of the employee wellness journey, achieving a holistic health transformation involves looking at other elements of lifestyle management. From stress management and counselling for mental wellbeing to fitness programs to even nutritional guidance from a range of experts in the field, HCL Healthcare not only ensures that your people get the services they need in times of sickness but also offers them the tools and program offerings needed to lead healthier lives for the long term. 

As the work environment becomes more and more stressful, time and health management can be far trickier than expected, and this is where corporates can play a vital role in changing the narrative. The impetus on holistic healthcare must be followed up with the right wellness partner by your side who looks at all the critical elements of designing healthier work lives for your people. 

The hard return on any wellness strategy for any business is the well-being of their workforce, leading to increased productivity, engagement and talent retention. As the IT sector continuously evolves and expands, with an estimated rise of 15.5% to $227 billion in 2021-22, according to NASSCOM reports, innovation and competition are at an all-time high. This is true for all sectors as they ramp up their growth in a hyper-growth business landscape. 

As a result, investing in empowering a healthier bottom line becomes vital in attracting the right talent and building on their potential through the coming months. This can get quite challenging on your own, especially when you want to drive a sustained and meaningful improvement in the wellness of your people. But with HCL healthcare, the journey ahead becomes easier. With a range of services designed in line with international health standards, it is the partner you need to provide the whole continuum of care for your people. 

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