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  • Vikram Poddar

    Vikram Poddar is the Founder and CEO of BoredRoom Comedy and a Standup Comedian.

  • Anirban Ghosh

    Anirban Ghosh is the Design Specialist at Thoughtworks.

  • Ronak Johari

    Ronak is currently working in Oil & Gas Major. He is MBA & Gold Medalist from IIM Ranchi Batch of 2015.

  • Robin Chhabra

    Robin is the Architect, Founder & CEO at Dextrus.

  • Rekuram Varadharaj

    Mr Rekuram Varadharaj is the Co-founder and COO, healthi.

  • Francis Padamadan

    Francis Padamadan is Senior Director, RPO & BPS Practice, APAC, KellyOCG

  • Nitin Nahata

    Nitin Nahata is Director - Global HR at Tata Global Beverages Ltd.

  • Varun Rathi

    Varun Rathi is the COO and Co-Founder at Happay.

  • Rajib Kumar

    Mr. Rajib Kumar is the HR Head, India Subcontinent at the Huntsman Corporation.

  • Sreevathsa Prabhakar

    Founder of Servify, Sreevathsa Prabhakar is an entrepreneur and experienced in customer experience, technology and talent management.

  • Displaying 1-10 of 2397 results.
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