Blog: Radio program: Piyush Mehta, CHRO of Genpact


Radio program: Piyush Mehta, CHRO of Genpact

Our special guest on Talking Matters, Piyush Mehta, tells us about how having clarity is pivotal to decision making and what keeps him motivated.
Radio program: Piyush Mehta, CHRO of Genpact

In the 3nd episode of the 3rd season of Talking Matters, host Savita Vijayan talked to Piyush Mehta CHRO of Genpact. The radio show threw light on Mr. Mehta’s journey in the HR function. Piyush gives advice to the keen listeners who wish to be the best in their respective professions. Host Savita Vijayan invited questions from the audience.

One being asked about the early influences his life, Mr. Mehta shared how his inability to materialize his childhood ambition to become a sportsman helped him internalize with failure. Piyush comes from a modest, middle class joint family of civil servants and has had an average childhood. He was fascinated by the world of sports and he brimmed with competitive spirit since his early years. He had planned to become a civil servant like is father. He also wanted to be a professional sportsman but his dreams failed to fructify. Nevertheless, he learned to get ahead without getting disheartened. 

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On being asked about the ingredients which helped him succeed, he told that there are several including the competencies his cooperative co-workers brought to the table and being at the right place at the right time. During his career with Genpact, he has seen tremendous amount of growth in the organization in the last 15 years wherein he had come to terms with various challenges which he turned into opportunities to succeed. In these last years he has realized the importance of building equity and networks, and importance of being associated with an organization for longer tenures.

When asked about his greatest struggle as a leader, he said that “It is extremely important to know where you are headed; clarity helps with decision-making.” An organization seeks employees who are highly flexible and so, as an employee is it is appreciated to have as few non-debatables as possible.  Organizations  today are a part of a dynamic ecosystem and it is imperative for an leader to be always equipped with ways to tackle these perennial changes. 

Ms. Savita Vijayan requests  to share his key lessons to which he tells that he believes that a positive attitude is of utmost important and that there will always be ups and downs and being around people who exhibit positive attitude makes difficult times much more bearable. He also thinks that being zealous and energetic is important to success. As an HR professional, he thinks anyone who wants to succeed must work of his or her ‘silos’ and that HR people who understand business are praiseworthy. The host also asks him what advice would he like to give to his younger self, to which he says that “As I look back, I actually have enjoyed every decision I took and I have no regrets. Except for I think I should have learned how to dance.”

Before concluding the episode of Talking Matters host Ms. Vijayan requests Piyush Mehta to share a couple of ‘Do nots’ with the audience:

  1. He says individuals today need to work continually on their attention span as our environments are filled with distractions
  2. Not to be a bad listener as being a great listener is critical to having effective communication.
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