Blog: DIVYANG: Up the game from ramp to board room


DIVYANG: Up the game from ramp to board room

We are convinced about the benefits of an inclusive culture at the workplace. But what do we have to say about inclusion of DIVYANG the differently-abled?
DIVYANG: Up the game from ramp to board room
Henry Newman’s prayer “Lead kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom, Lead thou me on!” is answered at “Dialogue in the Dark”, a restaurant in Hyderabad. You enter a completely dark restaurant, led by servers and guides who are blind. It’s unique emotional experience when you get to rely on other’s senses. There is complete role reversal and the experts are the ones who can’t see. You understand your limits, learn to communicate with other in unconventional ways, and reinforce a collaborative mind-set.  We have all seen, believed and appreciated women in leadership and experienced the impact it can bring to business. We are convinced about the inclusive culture and the overall benefit it brings to the workplace. But can we replicate our thoughts to this other group that is always in the shadows: DIVYANG — the physically challenged? 2011 Census study reveals that 22 million of India’s population lives with physical challe...
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Topics: #Culture, Diversity

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