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Why employees must feel free at workplace

Organizations can leap ahead if ideas are encouraged within; for that the existence of a free culture is a must
Why employees must feel free at workplace

During our childhood, there have been many instances when we get extremely conscious in class, especially if the teacher is standing behind us. Suddenly, even the right answers look wrong.

Well, the scenario at the workplace is more or less similar. Employees feel hesitant to talk in front of their bosses or voice their opinions as they are unsure about the kind of reaction it would elicit. Hierarchy shakes their confidence.

Nowadays, everyone wants to work in an organization, which allows them the freedom to express their opinions, freedom to differ with the management, freedom to raise questions or voice innovative ideas, and most importantly freedom to develop an individual working style.

Chain of communication simplified

Fortunately, things have changed for the better. Earlier, a rigid decorum had to be maintained with bosses and there were regular working hours, but now even they loosen up in front of their employees. Decorum has not been thrown out of the window, but more stress is laid on the innovation of ideas that can only result in a free working environment.

The protocols are still maintained, but the kind of mindset the employees have pertaining to their seniors has metamorphosed to a greater extent. Companies are acknowledging the significance of autonomy at workplace with every passing day. In this era of competition, nothing gives companies an edge over other than innovation of strategies and ideas and innovations do not happen under pressure or restraint. Seniors are aware of the fact that even a normal freely flowing discussion with a junior level colleague can bring the utmost idea for business development. But what if the co-worker has been pondering on an idea and assumes it best not to be shared because he fears being ridiculed or questioned for thinking? The idea which could have laid the foundation for better future achievements dies a quiet death. To avoid such situations and not to loose on ingenious ideas, companies are encouraging interactions between the top level management and other employees.

Boss, a co-worker and companion

Companies are adopting the idea of encouraging the employees to interact more and more with the top management in order to make them comfortable and also establish the fact that even the top line managers are one of them and won’t bite if spoken to.

Now, in the transforming work scenario, companies are devising activities to help employees overcome inhibitions pertaining to bosses and workplace by easing out the ways to reach to authorities. They are establishing practices like interactive sessions where employees are allowed to talk freely on all kinds of topics and tell managers about their grievances.

Organizations have shifted their focus to employee issues to find out if the employee is actually excited about the work or is just dragging himself to office. This has become a greater concern for the employers as it affects the productivity of the entire workforce, thus negatively influencing the overall growth of the firm. Every organization today understands that it is ideas that will help them survive in the long run and not hierarchy. And ideas happen when people voice their opinions without dread and suspicion and talk about top of the head ideas without being mocked at.

Rising attrition and high stress levels are plaguing the workforce currently. Hence, organizations have that a happy staff is working for them. A sense of freedom should prevail among the colleagues. To be a successful individual, manager and team leader, it is not only essential to bring innovations in personal excellence, but also encourage and assist others in every aspect of their work.

Time for leisure, innovation and development

In order to keep pace with the changing work life culture, companies are striving to provide a healthy work-life balance to its employees and incorporate the culture of “freedom at workplace” to the optimum level.

Many renowned corporations believe in allotting employees some time, where they are free to follow their passions. This will not only help the employees to rejuvenate but also improve productivity and lead to innovation, establishing a win-win situation for everyone.

Ideas and innovation can stream in from anywhere. Casual interactions among colleagues, interactive sessions with managers and weekend games at workplaces can be organized to establish an environment where employees can work with a liberated and free mindset, devoid of all inhibitions and presumptions.

Companies now swear by the fact that employees have been encouraged to take decisions. They now work towards making leaders, appreciating victories and eliminating the fear of delivering failures or being shouted down by seniors. This will, as a result, empower them to contribute to the firm’s development.

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