Blog: Regressive or radical - One-day menstrual leave


Regressive or radical - One-day menstrual leave

Awarding a one-day menstrual leave once a month to female employees - is it regressive or radical?
Regressive or radical - One-day menstrual leave
The decision of a Mumbai-based company, Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd., to award a one-day menstrual leave once a month to their female employees has generated a fair share of discussion and debate. Following close on the heels of Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd., Mathrubhuni, a Kerala-based media company has also introduced the one-day menstrual leave in its company. The debate even reached the United Kingdom, with the Guardian publishing an article on July 19, 2017 entitled “'Silly and regressive': Indian firms introduce period days”. India is not the first country where such leave has been granted. The concept was invented by the Japanese in the last century. The effects of menstruation vary from woman to woman. Beginning on a personal note, I have never taken leave because of menstruation. But then, I am an academician, and my work does not entail extreme physical exertion. Even if I could avail a one-day menstrual leave every month, I would not do so as that would le...

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