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Tweetchat - Personalizing the HiPo Career Path


People Matters in partnership with Right Management conducted the HiPo Week from the 13th to the 17th of July, a component of which was the Tweetchat on 'Personalizing the HiPo career path'
Tweetchat - Personalizing the HiPo Career Path

People Matters in partnership with Right Management conducted the HiPo Week from the 6th to the 12th of July this year. For the 3rd year in a row, online activities and physical events were held in order to bring together the community of HR leaders for sharing the learning and best practices in HR, for one of the most innovative levers for companies to invest in sustainable growth – its talent pipeline.

One of the most prominent and talked about elements of the HiPo Week was the tweetchats. One such tweetchat on ‘Personalizing the HiPo career path’ dwelled upon the ability of companies to create a unique experience for HiPos and how they do it. How can companies create unique experiences that are scalable and sustainable? The Tweetchat with Deloitte’s CTO and Senior Director, SV Nathan, and Right Management’s Country Head, Shakun Khanna, along with leaders from across the HR community gave some answers. This piece brings together some of the excerpts from the fascinating conversation.

Q1. How do employees with high potential define ‘career’ in today’s dynamic world?

Shakun Khanna @shakun_khanna

Career today is about passion, fulfillment, and opportunity to do best everyday which, incidentally, pays well too.

Nathan SV @Nathansv

HiPo career aspirations are tied to their causes, not their companies; and companies will have to understand their causes.

Pratyush Raj @MoodyPurpleCow

Career: A challenging purposeful journey which provides respect in society.

Abhinav Kamra @Abhinav_Kamra

From an individual point of view ‘Career’ today is more about ‘Aspirations’

Dr. Vishal Shah @vishalshah10

For HiPOs career is a series of experiences – lateral and horizontal.

Q2. What do career oriented HiPos expect from their leaders?

Nathan SV @Nathansv

HiPos typically expect their bosses to be compasses and not GPS. General pointers not detailed roadmaps.

Eklavya Sinha @eklavyasinha

What HiPos expect most from the leaders: platform to make an impact, opportunity to connect & learn and operational autonomy.

Gauri Sarin @GauriSarin

A series of challenging assignments aligned to their interests and capabilities across organizations.

Sahil Shetty @shettysahil04

Visibility and dependability.

Shakun Khanna @shakun_khanna

#HiPos want a differentiated learning experience and variety of opportunities.

Kunjal Kamdar @kunjal23

Empowerment, Support and Trust.

Gurpreet Bajaj @_gbajaj

Transparency in realistic career projection, Trust to Deliver, Freedom to experiment, Sponsor Advancement & not 2 feel threatened!

Pratyush Raj @MoodyPurpleCow

Guidance & Empowerment in a balanced way!!

Q3. What are the implications of changing career mindsets on the HiPo selection process?

Shakun Khanna @shakun_khanna

#HiPo selection process needs to evaluate potential, personality, perception and purpose.

Gurpreet Bajaj @_gbajaj

Look beyond traditional ‘ladders’ – Need an integration of future org and future talent spots. Every dept dznt need a Director!

Nathan SV @Nathansv

The HiPo selection is a first class career pass issued but once. Validity gets extended only by performance and potential.

Nathan SV @Nathansv

Wider Selection and stringent evaluation will be the norm – Inclusive to bring diversity and exclusive to those with propensity.

Khalid Raza @khalidraza9

As long as orgs know WHY the change needed and WHAT impact it will have. Then communicate.

Q4. What are the cultural traits an organization needs to engage and retain HiPos?

Priyanka Jaitly @priyanka_jaitly

A progressive culture with empowerment and trust as its foundation.

Shakun Khanna @shakun_khanna

A culture of close collaboration and innovation where they get to focus on tasks which require creativity, risk–taking.

Atma Godara @GodaraAR

Open door policy, pay for performance and open communication will help in retaining.

Ruchi @rucsb

1. Transparency 2. Trust 3. Collaboration 4. Investment in developing expertise.

Shakun Khanna @shakun_khanna

No boss culture…they need friends, mentors and guides to help them find meaningful work

Khalid Raza @khalidraza9

Orgs culture should focus on people and not on ‘resources’.

Prashant Bhatnagar @pdbhat

Openness, authenticity, focus on building talent, not just buying.

Q5. How can the RoI of the individual focused HiPo program be enhanced?

Shakun Khanna @shakun_khanna

Begin with the end in mind… define success of the HiPo program; stop running HiPo initiative as a fad.

Gurpreet Bajaj @_gbajaj

Firstly, involve HiPos while cooking the HiPo Program recipe, secondly business goals and budgets must justify and sponsor HiPo investments.

Ruchi @rucsb

ROI is outdated concept. Ask ROR. Return on Relationships.

Nischala @nimu9

Balance today’s outcomes v/s tomorrow’s possibilities. Acknowledge: Efforts, Impact, Outcomes and Learning.

Shakun Khanna @shakun_khanna

ROI of HiPo programs needs to be measured by also considering opportunity cost, retained talent, and impact on employer brand.

Nishanth Varier @Nishanthvarier

Assign strategic projects crucial to business, leveraging HiPo abilities to crack complicated problems

Arpan @arpansinghal

Increase the ROI denominator (invest more by way of management involvement of time and resources), the numerator will follow.

Shakun Khanna @shakun_khanna

Biggest ROI of the hipo program is the impact it creates on a human life. Immeasurable

Nathan SV @Nathansv

Test, pilot, before you buy. Trust by verify. Certify before you crucify!

Q6. What should organizations do to ensure that the vast majority see the HiPo’s as the gifted guys and don’t feel a sense of alienation?

Dr. Vishal Shah @vishalshah10

Dont use the term HiPO :) Its just a different pool that will take the org to the future.

Nathan SV @Nathansv

The identification process and evaluation norms should be transparent and fair and well communicated.

Dr. Vishal Shah @vishalshah10

HiPOs dont make HiPERs less important

Radhika @radhikagb

Don’t make a cadre of HiPos. Don’t put them on a pedestal.

Shakun Khanna @shakun_khanna

As someone said yesterday – get engaged to the HiPo but not married. :–) Solid citizens of an org need significant rewards & recognition and development

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