Blog: All about 'geopathic stress'!

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All about 'geopathic stress'!

Let’s understand the concept little more and use this understanding to enhance our team’s wellbeing and productivity.
All about 'geopathic stress'!

Have you noticed in your office there are few seats or cabins where no one wants to sit? – These are called jinxed seats as whoever sits there either leaves the organization or is asked to leave. Have you ever wondered what could be the reasons for this high attrition from some specific zones or seats?

The reason could be Geopathic Stress. Onsite research shows that in 70-80% cases these seats are impacted by Geopathic stress.

What exactly is a Geopathic stress?

It is a Greek word where “Geo” means Earth and “Pathic” comes from the word Pathos which means to suffer.

Earth has its own, as many as 144 forces, a magnetic field and several electromagnetic radiations which form longitudinal and latitudinal radiation walls emanating from the core. When a distorted or disrupted electromagnetic field of the Earth - criss crosses and makes an interjection, this forms a Geopathic stress zone, which is capable of disturbing the energy of humans, animals, plants as well as machines. Such zones are the cause of high stress, fatigue, irritability, low productivity, frequent machine breakdowns, etc.  It is a relatively new term that covers the relationship between earth energies and people’s wellbeing.

Almost 70 years back (in 1940) Dr. Hartman, a German scientist, was able to detect and define the Electromagnetic Radiation walls of the earth, which he names as GeoPathic Stress or its’ also called “Harmann Lines”.  It was found that exposure to these radiations can create various health discomfort- Restless sleep, low concentration, headaches and to some serious problems like cancer. 

Where we get most affected are the places where we spend more time and for long durations like our work seats or our place of sleep- Beds. However, most of the time we do not associate these symptoms with Geostress for the key reason that these forces are invisible and our lack of awareness. Many of us have made peace with such symptoms as we associate these with our daily life stresses. Let’s not ignore these.

Let’s understand the concept little more and use this understanding to enhance our team’s wellbeing and productivity.

How do these work? 

Earth has a certain Electromagnetic field. The geopathic radiations distort that natural Electromagnetic field of the Earth which disturbs the human body and are not conducive to the body resulting in Health challenge or lower productivity?

Some of the known impact? 

These radiation Geopathic stress affects men and machinery alike. At home it hampers our sleep pattern and degrades our overall health. Whereas at the workplace, it can lead to concentration issues, feeling of lethargy, tiredness which can result in employees feeling dissatisfied, tired and disgruntled leading to higher absenteeism and even attrition. Prolonged exposure to radiation causes weak immunity and creates additional stress which can impact one’s performance and productivity. It is also known to cause higher breakdown in the machines and equipment which are located on these Geostess zones. 

Geostress and link to attrition

The phenomena of attrition rate is nothing new to the corporate culture and MNCs. However when the rate is unusually high with no valid reason, it is a point to ponder. You will be surprised to know that at times, a possible reason for this high attrition rate could be the Geopathic stress zones. There are proven scenarios where certain workstations were perpetually unproductive or would attract some unusually weird reason of a resource leaving, not performing, under stress or getting fired etc. 

It is possible to map the stress zones through special devices, record pulse rates of people, breakdown records of machines, and attrition before and after applying the solutions available today. Rectification is possible. 

Some interesting facts

  • In early European civilizations, sheep were left to graze on lands chosen for a settlement to be built. The sheep did not eat grass on Geostress lines and naturally left grazing patterns that helped define the stress zones and the township could be planned.
  • The pets in your house will always avoid GS lines


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