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Women in HR Technology

We have put together a list of women entrepreneurs and senior executives particularly in HR Tech industry.
Women in HR Technology

HR as a profession is full of women at the entry stage however we do not see too many women holding top positions in HR roles due to various reasons. In our attempt to recognize women leaders, we have put together a list of women entrepreneurs and senior executives particularly in HR Tech industry. The diversity of the solution/s and background of these women leaders is inspiring to say the least. 

All lists are compiled based on web research and are presented here in alphabetical order. 

We start with a list of women entrepreneurs & senior executives of HR Tech companies in India. 

Asma Thorve – Director – Empowered LMS

As cofounder of Empowered LMS, Asma is an experienced professional with 20+ years of industry experience. A large part of this has been spent in the learning technology space, thus making her an industry veteran who has seen the learning technology space evolve over this period. With marque customers using their solutions, Enthralltech is an established player in this space. Her company won the Asia Tech Innovation award in 2016 thus underlying the innovative solution they bring to their customers. 

Deepa Rachel – CEO –

With a background in psychology and entrepreneurial studies, its no surprise that Deepa has finally turned entrepreneur. The solution she offers combines research and practical insights from diverse fields of psychology, sociology, ontology and management sciences. She is a rare woman leader in HR Tech who has turned entrepreneur after being a practitioner for over 10+ years. 

Geetha Prabhu – Founder – 

With the growing need of flexible work in organizations of all sizes, Geetha is looking to solve the problem through her solution. By connecting companies with individuals seeking these flexible work assignments she is addressing a key gap in the talent acquisition solution set in the Indian HR Tech space. With her deep expertise in market research one would assume that she has enough insights about this space to solve this challenge. 

Gowthami Kanumuru – CMO – Darwinbox

Armed with her qualifications of BTech Computer Science and MBA from IIM Lucknow, it’s nice to see her move into HR tech space after working with companies like Dell, P&G and Snapdeal. Darwinbox has experienced phenomenal growth in HR tech space in India over last 12 months. They have also recently received $4milion in funding making them one of the well funded HR tech start-ups in India. 

Kavita Reddi – Founder Chat Chit

If you are wondering what’s this lady with 15 years of experience in various roles at BBC doing in HR tech space, well the answer is simple. She is helping Indians improve their English skills with use of speech recognition and AI technologies. With her experience of mobile marketing speech recognition she is well positioned to leverage this technology to solve this problem in an innovative manner. 

Moushumee Basu Roy – Head SAP SuccessFactors India

With 25 years of experience in enterprise sales with companies like CMC, Reliance & SAP, Moushumee is breaking many stereotypes. In her current role, she is responsible for growing and managing the SuccessFactors line of business. As a person who has dabbled in operations, marketing and sales, she personifies the many paths available to professional women in corporate india in general and HR tech in particular. 

Preeti Nair – Business Head – Core Integra

In Preeti we have an example of how professional HR experience can help you shape your career in HR Tech industry. With over 15 years of experience in diverse HR functions like recruitment, ER and performance management across India & US, Preeti made the transition to HR Tech space with Core Integra. She dons two roles of Business Head & HR Head thus giving proof that women are adept at juggling multiple priorities with aplomb. 

Raksha Shenoy – Director Capability & Culture- Knolskape

What would you do if you were responsible for setting people practices in an HR Tech company that is altering the way organizations learn worldwide? That’s what Raksha does for one of the most successful HR Tech company originated in India. An academician and a practitioner she combines these 2 aspects in her role at Knolskape. 

Sairee Chahal – Founder – SHEROES

Solving a very simple problem in an effective and efficient manner using technology, Sairee has identified a niche within the recruitment space & has created SHEROES. The platform helps women find relevant career opportunities especially after long breaks due to various reasons. Combining this with offline & online career interactions with various industry experts the platform truly understands the problems professional women face. She is well poised to set an example in the global HR tech space. 

Shelly Singh – Co-Founder – PeopleStrong

After a short stint as HR professional Shelly identified a business challenge and co-founded PeopleStrong in 2002. Since then PeopleStrong has grown to be one of the most successful entrepreneurial journeys in the Indian ecosystem. As a chief business officer, she continues to build a strong brand for the organization while also anchoring the strategic and operational initiatives at PeopleStrong. She was identified as “Thought leader of the year” in 2014 by the HRO Today, Asia Pacific forum. 

With these distinguished and accomplished ladies of HR Tech space in India we now look at the world. Here the attempt is to provide a list of women entrepreneurs and senior executives in various HR tech companies globally. This list is again presented in an alphabetical order. Here we present 2 lists, 1 of Women Leaders in large HR Tech solution providers & the other 1 of smaller or niche HR tech solution providers.  

The Women Leaders making an impact in large global enterprise HR Tech solution providers. 

Amy Wilson – SVP Product – SAP SuccessFactors

With 20+ years of specialized experience in HR tech companies like Peoplesoft, Oracle, Workday & Now SAP, Amy presents a very intimate view of HR tech space. She has also briefly worked as an Analyst. In her current role she is responsible for creation and management of SAP SuccessFactors solutions. 

Cecile Alper Leroux – VP HCM Innovation, Ultimate Software

With her academic background in Biology, Anthropology & Mayan Archeology Cecile is likely to bring a unique perspective to the world of HR Tech. With more than 20 years of experience with a large part of that designing product strategy for HCM solutions, she is an industry veteran. 

Christina Van Houten – SVP Market Strategy & Product, Infor

Since 2000, Christina has been part of enterprise technology solution companies like Oracle, IBM and now Infor. She is also the writer & founder of Women at Work, a platform for working women to seek frank advice about their career & challenges, stereotypes they face at work. 

Gretchen Alarcon  - Group VP, Product Strategy, Oracle

Gretchen is an Oracle veteran having spent close to 15 years with the company. She has been working with Oracle product strategy all these years and is surely a very experienced HR professional and Product manager. 

Heather Kane – MD- International Markets – Instructure (Bridge LMS)

Working at Instructure, the parent company of Bridge LMS, Heather has been at the forefront of creating learning experiences for the users. This former entrepreneur is definitely one of the passionate learning technology professionals in the HR Tech space. 

Karen Williams – EVP Customer Advocacy – Saba

Having worked with companies like Cognos, IBM & Halogen before moving to Saba; following its acquisition of Halogen, Karen is an industry expert with wide variety of experience across customer success, software development, and product management. At IBM, she was responsible for facilitating customer success with BI, Predictive Analytics and planning. 

Kirsten Helvey – COO- CSOD

With close to 25 years of experience in the consulting & technology business Kirsten is an experienced hand at working with enterprise customers using enabling technologies. She has ben with CSOD for 12 years now and has handled multiple responsibilities in consulting & client success before being appointed as COO. 

Kristin Lewis – VP BD, Equifax

One of the youngest woman leaders in this list, with a little over a decade experience, Kristin has established herself as an expert especially on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Her experience ranges from product management to account management. She was awarded Game Changer by Workforce magazine in 2014. 

Monique Garlington – Director Product Management – ADP

With close to 20 years of product management experience across companies like Skillsoft, Textwise, Paychex, PeopleNet and Calero, she is one of the experienced product managers in the HR tech industry. She is responsible for integrating ADP Data cloud offerings into their GPT products.  

Tara O’Sullivan – Chief Creative Officer – SumTotal

In her role, Tara ensures that Skillsoft & SumTotal’s digital technology strategy presents its brand, voice & vision consistently and authoritatively. She has 24 years of experience in B2B technology marketing including leadership positions in Oracle and SAS.

Trish McFarlane – VP Global HCM strategy, Infor

An experienced HR professional, Trish has 14 years of operational HR experience before moving to the world of HR technology. She has been involved in selection & implementation of HR technology since 2005 in various capacities. She is also the host of HR Happy Hour Show a very popular HR Podcast. 

Finally we present the list of women entrepreneurs and professionals working with niche HR tech solutions globally. Here due to constraints of time & space, we are only listing their names. 

  1. Anne Fulton – Co-Founder – Fuel50
  2. Annie Kerr – Director – MentorCliq
  3. Brynne Kennedy – Founder – Move Guides
  4. Eynat Guez – Co-Founder – Papaya Global
  5. Frida Polli – CEO & Co Founder - Pymetrics
  6. Heather Zynczak – CMO – Pluralsight
  7. Jacqueline Loeb – Co-Founder- Scouted
  8. Josie Sutcliffe – VP Marketing  Visier
  9. Julie Knight – CMO – Reflektive
  10. Kieran Snyder – CEO – Textio
  11. Leela Srinivasan – CMO – Lever
  12. Linda Ginac – Founder & CEO – TalentGuard
  13. Lisa Kostova – Senior Director Product – Entelo
  14. Llyce Glink – Founder Best Money Moves
  15. Lori Winters – Founder Thread HCM
  16. Mary Poppen – Chief Customer Officer- Glint
  17. Mollie Lombardi & Madeline Laurano – Aptitude Research
  18. Tanya Jansen – CMO – Beqom
  19. Terra Vicario – CMO – Viventium
  20. Wendy Werve – CMO- Virgin Pulse 

 (This ranking is Author's own, and not of People Matters Media)

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