Blog: Put the Fish on the Table!


Put the Fish on the Table!

Workplace relationships start with openness and respect but then over time and with interaction through the task system, they change. And we are unable to come together and ease the tension, something we advocate very easily to others!
Put the Fish on the Table!
It was an unease that was bothering them both. The HR head was aware that his relationship with his L&D Head, a direct report, was a bit icy and challenged. So was the case with the L&D Head. Over a period of time differences in views on how exactly the capability agenda should be driven in the business, had grown. This had, not surprisingly, a spillover effect on how they worked together! They also had marked differences in their communication styles. Where the HR head preferred a friendly, ‘knowing the other person’ type of style, the L&D Head was very direct, to the point yet effective. There were covert signals suggesting that their respect for each other was waning. They rationalized to themselves that it was a clash of personalities and that was the way it was going to be. But it was not the case. Their relationship went further south and eventually one of them left the business — There is no prize for guessing who left? Doesn’t this sound fa...
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Topics: Leadership, Employee Relations

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