Blog: Talking Matters: Radio Program with NS Rajan


Talking Matters: Radio Program with NS Rajan

HR needs to have the ability to balance philosophy on one side and practice on the other.
Talking Matters: Radio Program with NS Rajan

I cannot encapsulate ‘leadership’ in words


In an exciting hour at Talking Matters, People Matters’ monthly radio show, Dr. NS Rajan, Group Executive Council and Group CHRO, Tata Sons shared his early life influencers and ingredients of his success. Ester Martinez, Editor-in-Chief, People Matters hosted the show where Dr. Rajan talked about his personal journey that led him to his successful self that he is today.

Dr. Rajan believes that he has been blessed with extraordinary moments in his ordinary life. He says that instances have influenced him more than individuals. For him, grabbing opportunities right when they hit him has brought him where he is; making the most out of what came across his way has been the most significant ingredient of his success. That is the reason that he has never had a single bad day at work, he says. He truly believes that perseverance along a journey will lead to success. He is a firm believer of, “Sun is sure to rise tomorrow.” On this line, he expanded on the importance of fighting for everything that one truly believes and not comparing oneself to others, their achievements or lifestyle.

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Dr. Rajan holds his Ph.D. in Leadership, however, even till date he is struggling to understand the essence of the term. He said, “I cannot encapsulate ‘leadership’ in words.” However, as a leader the most important factor is to share a connective energy with people in one’s environment.

When it comes to learning, he said that he would give credit for 80% of his learnings to those who reported to him and for 20% to those above him in the hierarchy. “I have always believed in hiring people who are brighter than myself; especially those who are youthful, energetic and have a great attitude,” he said. HR, according to him, needs to have the ability to balance philosophy on one side and practice on the other. They need to have the ability to ensure happiness at the work place, and at the same time to create a shared vision of employees along the goal of the enterprise. This is the only way that an HR person can become a strategic business partner.

Dr. Rajan ended the show with the advice, “Pencil you strategy of life, but pen your vision and values,” to those persevering in life’s journey.

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