Blog: What leadership traits can we learn from Lord Ganesha ?


What leadership traits can we learn from Lord Ganesha ?

Encapsulated in a magnificent form, Lord Ganesha's each body part and everything associated with him depicts mantras of success which are essential for overcoming professional life challenges.
What leadership traits can we learn from Lord Ganesha ?

Popularly known as ‘vighan-harta’, ‘manglamurti’, Lord Ganesha symbolizes qualities of victors that are vital to excel in professional and family life. He is entitled as the god of the good beginning and wisdom. Also, he is associated with the ability of solving problems and removing all obstacles. It is in his name devotees begin new ventures and take important decisions in life. 

He demonstrates important traits that each aspiring leader should inculcate in order to succeed. 

Big Elephant Head (broad thinking and wisdom)

Big Head of Lord Ganesha represents big thinking and enlightened mind filled with wisdom and Knowledge. Also , it indicates holistic thoughts . So a leader needs to be broadminded and not judgmental in order to achieve big in life. 

Small Eyes (Focused Vision)

Small eyes of Lord Ganesha indicate that one should be focused in completing tasks at hand. Also, he represents microscopic vision meaning ability to observe minutely. A proper focus and a determined approach are pivotal pillars of success. 

Big Ears (Good Listener)

Big Ears convey that one should be a good listener.  More important than being a good orator , a manager or a leader should be a very good listener. He needs to be all ears to his teammates and colleagues. An effective and essential leadership trait for all

Trunk (Careful and Alert )

Long Nose or trunk indicates that one should always be on guard with surroundings. Also, a good leader should be able to smell from a long distance i.e smell the future and be prepared for it. It is a trait of being careful and alert in present for the future. 

Big belly (Absorb everything and Adjust)

Big belly or stomach indicates good capacity to digest and learn quickly while moving forward. It includes both good and bad. So, a good leader should never be disheartened with failures or too jubilant with successes. He should measure and act -not react.  He should be resilient in nature and strong willed person.

Broken Tusk (Sacrifice) 

Broken Tusk symbolizes power of sacrifice.  Many a times a manager needs to overcome his emotions and act wisely.  Also , act for others without any selfish motives or interests. 

So, On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi , lets learn and imbibe exemplary leadership traits from the most revered and loved divinity of all. 


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