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You learn all through your life

People Matters Radio Program 'Talking Matters' with SV Nathan
You learn all through your life

Carry your own bag’ is one of the mantras to follow in life. This is what SV Nathan, Deloitte India’s Senior Director & Chief Talent Officer had to share with People Matters in the fourth episode of the second season of Talking Matters. With 30 years of experience in HR management across industries, Nathan’s knowledge and understanding in building and leading high performance teams has won him accolades all over. 

Talking about the early influences in his life, Nathan stresses on the importance of education as of utmost significance, along with relevance of building ‘self-belief’ and ‘self-image’. ‘You learn from people’ is what Nathan lives by and asserts that his life experiences taught him everything. Reflecting on the power of ‘I can’ and crediting ‘hard work’ for his success, he states that both these attributes were the important elements of his foundation.

Reminiscing his career of over three decades and the organizational success he achieved, Nathan ascribes to the importance of performing quality work, viewing challenges as opportunities, proactively seeking opportunities, along with patience as principles that helped him throughout. Nathan describes that as an HR professional, the most important things which truly contributed to his life and still do are Learning (from people and experiences), Listening (more than one speaks – adding life to conversations and vice versa), and Communicating (from the top level to the lowest level in an organization). For Nathan, his experiences in diverse industries have taught him that potential talent is like a ‘nugget waiting to be picked’. It is imperative that talent is identified and engaged for a true transformation.

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