Blog: 4 types of people you will find at the workplace on Valentine’s Day!

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4 types of people you will find at the workplace on Valentine’s Day!

This Valentines Day, if you tend to be in office, be prepared to encounter these 4 types of people!
4 types of people you will find at the workplace on Valentine’s Day!

"Oh, is it 14th February today? No wonder I see red all around!” If you haven’t realized it yet then no points for guessing, yes today is Valentine’s Day, the day of love! Every year, this day, millions of people across the globe celebrate love with their loved ones. For those of you who may not know the history behind this day, it is actually a little murky. A quick research reveals that while this day is celebrated in honor of St. Valentine and it contains remnants of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition, there are multiple stories behind the actual reason of celebration. One thing that the historians and the world agree upon is that all the legends seem to emphasize what a heroic and a loving figure St. Valentine was. Hence in his honor, we celebrate this day of love.

So, now that you are aware of the history, let us zip back to where we all are – our workplaces! How different do the offices look on this day? We have collated a list of top 4 types of people you will find in the office today:

1. The party planners! – We are going to do this and that and that!

Well, these are folks who have been planning all through the last week, what to wear, where to go for breakfast-lunch-dinner, the perfect gift, the perfect surprise, they have covered it all. And all watercooler conversations today loom around how perfect the plan is!

2. The naysayers – This is all useless!

These are your colleagues who do not believe in Valentine’s Day. They either feel every day should be special or feel this day is completely overrated. These folks really tend to demotivate a lot of people from planning and being a part of type 1.

3. The “indifferent(s)” – So, what?

There are always people who are so focused that they are always untouched about what’s going on around them. They would neither remember the date, nor would indulge in any conversation about this special day, basically will stay completely disconnected.

4. The depressed!

You may have guessed this one already. This is a difficult group of people – those who are depressed on not being able to celebrate this day and this depression could arise from various reasons. But overall, these are the sad faces in the office today!

So, now that the day is almost coming to a closure and you may have come across all these types of colleagues today, do share your experiences on the conversations that you have had with them and how did you manage their emotions! Do leave a comment if you came across any other moods today! :)

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