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Bored to death while working from home?

To discharge your official duties from home successfully well, you will need to devise ways to make your environment always conducive for you to work. What things can you do to kill off boredom during work hours?
Bored to death while working from home?

There is nothing as upsetting as being in a state of feeling disinterested in your surroundings or having that aura of a dull life around you. If there is no paradigm shift from this feeling on time, it could affect your psyche. For someone working from home and can’t have friends over to kill the boredom, work productivity will be on a low. Most people decide to sleep it off at times, but what happens when you wake? To discharge your official duties from home successfully well, you will need to devise ways to make your environment always conducive for you to work. What things can you do to kill off boredom during work hours?

Stand up and move around and engage yourself in a different activity

If you are used to sitting in one place for extended periods, then maybe it is time to be taking breaks from that seat. It is not even medically healthy for your spine, especially if you are not using an ergonomic chair. Sitting for too long can cause compression on the discs in your spine and can lead to premature degeneration. 

So, here comes the critical question: “When you stand, what do you engage in?”. There is no particular routine, but you may want to utilize some of the various short breaks from work, checking all your home equipment and electrical appliances to ensure they are functioning correctly. It is also imperative to check your HVAC equipment. Some of the things to look out for during your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) inspection include:

  • Air filters
  • Airflow
  • Condensate drains and drip pans

Gas connections and exhaust systems

Checking all your equipment to make sure they are okay can take you about half an hour or more. If you don’t know how to go about this, you can rely on some DIY tutorials. If you were bored before embarking on this exercise, the chances of returning to work with a better mindset are very high. Something else that you could consider is taking a long walk and visiting coworking spaces. This way you will not only engage in a different activity, change the working environment but also feel refreshed by meeting new like-minded people. 

Make some phone or video calls to loved ones

Boredom gradually creeps in when your brain is hooked on one activity for extended periods. You can take a break at times to call some family members you haven’t spoken to in a long while. You will observe that such calls are excitement-inducing. There is usually some beautiful reminiscing after the phone call. Whatever interesting things you discussed play in your head for days. For example, if you called a high school classmate from way back, he or she could remind you of some things that happened in school then which you may have forgotten. The story could refresh your memories a little deeper, and you could remember some other things that happened all those years ago. If your call is fulfilling, you will feel better.

Play some computer games

Whether on your phone or computer system, you can find exciting games to help kill boredom during work hours. It is more interesting if you play against someone else online or the computer. Some games are not just exciting but help engage your thinking faculty. An example is the game of chess.

Do short movies during office breaks

There are different genres of movies to change that boredom feeling to some excitement. Movies can sometimes make you oblivious of your environment by totally engaging your whole system. Depending on your career path, you can find movies that align. For example, if you majored in the Sciences, you can opt for some science fiction movies. It is all about what fascinates you anyways that should guide you. Ensure you don’t spend all of your work hours doing movies though. Movie series have that kind of infection.

Listen to music and do some karaoke

Listening to music soothes the soul. It is a perfect recipe for killing boredom. You can even decide to sing along by doing the karaoke-style. You don't have to go to the bar to achieve this. If you can order a microphone, then you can do your thing at home and have some fun in between work.


Boredom is an issue that you shouldn't take lightly. If one gets disinterested in the surrounding environment for too long, it could lead to several ugly things. Depression could set in, or the person may start doing drugs to kill the boredom. That is a wrong way to free oneself from such a problem. Apart from the suggestions mentioned here, any other productive activity that can make you happy will suffice. If you can wipe out boredom effectively, you will be able to concentrate on work and be productive.

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