Blog: Hiring and appraisals in a post pandemic world

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Hiring and appraisals in a post pandemic world

While companies are coming up with the best strategies to optimize their workforce, they must focus on potential opportunities and goals for both the employees and the employer.
Hiring and appraisals in a post pandemic world

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most severe crises that humanity has ever grappled with. The pandemic has had a negative impact across all industries, bringing the economy down and coinciding with recruitment and appraisals. It is an indisputable fact that the pandemic has and will continue to change the way organizations and businesses have been operating so far. However, with the hopes of a vaccine entering the global market, the economy is slowly but steadily adjusting and carrying itself forward in the ‘new normal’ scenario.

The pandemic and its resultant lockdowns had compelled the workforce to work from their homes, so as to contain the spread of the virus. In the present day, workspaces are slowly opening up, however with proper precautionary measures. Organizations across sectors are facing a major dilemma wondering what must be the right way of striking a balance between their employees’ safety and efficiency, with a significant number of people still working from home.

The pandemic has accelerated the urgency of bridging the skill gap as future jobs require redefined skills. Further, the technological and digital landscape is in a state of constant evolution and demands workforce disruption. In the ongoing times, with the economy starting to look up, virtual hiring is gaining ground, with companies being more likely to develop a hybrid mode of recruitment. Virtual hiring is also proving to be more flexible as it gives employees flexibility to take assessments and interviews from the comfort of their homes and the HR function having earned a new level of freedom.

A silver lining in the midst of such trying times is that as a result of the digital mode of hiring, small town aspirants have equal opportunities in big metro cities, thereby shedding geo-local barriers. With productivity now demanding more innovative as well as aggressive measures, transparency and trust have become imperative for smooth functioning of a company. As a result of the economic crisis, salary hikes post pandemic are anticipated to be slow with more emphasis on performance incentives rather than fixed raises. Further, the post pandemic situation will make the process of appraisal and hiring more transparent, leading to a more committed workforce. While companies are coming up with the best strategies to optimize their workforce, they must focus on potential opportunities and goals for both the employees and the employer. Redefined and well organized goals of the post pandemic situation will lead to an environment of transparency and maintain corporate stability, while also serving as a morale booster. With the ongoing pandemic, workers have to work in a relatively different environment, than that they were initially used to. This has in turn increased the need for emotion along with technical intelligence as understanding and empathizing has become more crucial than ever in today’s times.

As the pandemic has made it imperative for organizations and businesses to redefine their objectives and approaches, now is the time for them to innovate and adapt. It is in this regard, that businesses are being provided with an opportunity to reflect and reorganize their approach, leading to viable growth and continuity in business, in the world where the COVID-19 pandemic is approaching its end.   


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