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How corporates are celebrating Navratri

An office filled with glory, lively and cheerful air of festivity is probably just what your workforce needs to lift their spirits. That's what makes festive celebrations something everyone looks forward to.
How corporates are celebrating Navratri

As the name itself suggests, Navratri is a 9-day celebration in various parts of the country. From dancing with devotion to worshipping Goddess Durga, people across religions indulge in the festivities in distinctive ways. It’s the celebration of good over evil, of being fearless, and epitomises determination and dedication, strength and courage in the avatars of Lord Durga. So why not create an environment that celebrates these values at the workplace? An office filled with glory, lively and cheerful air of festivity is probably just what your workforce needs to lift their spirits. That's what makes festive celebrations something everyone looks forward to. 

Welcoming all colours

Festive celebrations at the workplace are very welcome in today's day and age. This is primarily because they provide a respite from the monotony. Let's face it; the office does tend to get routine at times. You need that dash of fun and colour - festivals give you that. It gives the employees something to look forward to. Be it Navratri, Onam, Christmas or even St. Patrick's Day or Halloween, celebrating diverse festival days at work builds an INCLUSIVE work culture. Every organization aims at being more people-focused and this can be reflected in their ways of celebration. They're open to allocate budgets, handsome or pocket-friendly, to celebrate events of all cultures and religions. 

Breaking barriers with festive cheer

A festive party or event at work is one of the few occasions when people let their guard down and are willing to mingle. The entire mood is light and laidback, perfect for the informal atmosphere the HRs strive to achieve to foster bonding and communication. These celebrations help break existing hierarchies and boundaries. You can simply go up to the CEO and wish him! It is a perfect networking opportunity by striking up a conversation.

At most workplaces, employees rarely get an opportunity to interact with colleagues from other departments. Festive occasions allow that as well. A digital platform like Diwali card-a-thon helps bring your entire workforce together in a fun, quick game of UNO! Or even a common CSR activity for all colleagues to participate in could help in building empathy and celebrating the true festive spirit. 

Navratri a la MNC

A spoon full of fun and admiration in a cup full of contentment - is what defines this festival of Goddess Durga the best! Corporates indulge in the festive season during the third quarter of the year, kickstarting their days of enthusiasm with Navratri. It captivates the young and the old while deepening their roots, giving them an insight into our culture and traditional beliefs through colourful and vibrant ways. 

One such corporate celebrating Navratri in all its glory is Ultratech Cement, an arm of the Aditya Birla Group. It’s been 10 years of their celebration of this festival. Each year, they celebrate 7 of the 9 days with great colour and vigour. This year, they went the extra mile for their employees by exploring a unique format of events. Beginning with a wonderful pre-engagement during lunch hour, a flash mob of dancers roping in the crowd to dance with them, dhol music on each floor, musical Rangoli and Dandiya sessions, Bingo and telly Games, to creative communication leading up to the D-Day of a gamified Navrang Mela, their employees are literally on a 'festive high'! 

The HR special: Do-it-yourself at work

If you're looking for a big bang in this market slowdown, here are some fun activities you can do yourself for your employees. Spread happiness and warmth at the workplace with these simple, yet effective ideas at work:

1. Select a theme: It could be based on the 9 colours of Navratri, or even the 9 avatars of Goddess Durga

2. Pre-festive buzz: Create an environment of festive fun with the all-time favorites of Antakshari, dumb charades or Pictionary

3. You've Got Talent: Give your employees a platform to showcase their talent in a fun, traditional format

4. Eco-friendly decor: Engages your employees in an upcycling workshop and your office looks pretty too! Win-win!

5. Digital DIY Navrang: A photo contest to reward the ones who follow the colours of Navratri in their attire each day 

6. Musical chair dandiya: The music plays, the dance is on; Music stops, partners switch! What FUN!

7. Garba Dance off: Bring on the garba tunes and watch your employees enjoy a dance off

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