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Importance of writing for employees

Ever wondered with Microsoft Tools and other plethora of apps which can do your work with voice, why do they go old school route?
Importance of writing for employees

With the advent of newer technologies, no doubt humans are moving far off from age-old art of writing or penning down thoughts/memories in journal /Diary. With Artificial Intelligence soon to take over, the centuries-old art that, i.e., writing is under serious threat.

However, still in modern times and changing HR dynamics. As per a study by Harvard Business School Journal/Diary can be a useful tool for bettering employee mental health.

Just have you seen your elders writing it down all on the notebook while checking, updating it from time to time. Ever wondered with Microsoft Tools and other plethora of apps which can do your work with voice, why do they go old school route?

Here are a few reasons, which can be given out-

  1. Diary/Journal as counsellor - Firstly, Diary, or journal gives you a chance to pour your heart out without being judgemental. You can write the silliest, craziest, crankiest things which spurred you and even incidence/memories which you did not take kindly, and your hands won’t stop till you finish, and the result is, at the end of it, you see a significant burden is off your chest. It can work like a counselor listening to a patient. 
  2. Diary/Journal as reflecting factor - In the world of social media, when everyone is keen to show-off to the world but deny what we feel. Diary can give a good break from monotony. While journals, scraps books provide us with a chance to beautify the photo moments and revisit those memories down the lines. However, the more important thing it makes you do is-reflect and introspect. Even the research shows how writing can be effective tool for reflecting
  3. Therapeutic factor in writing - In the fast moving world, a moment of pause and going back in times makes us reflect the moments we were happy in and going forward we can try and simulate the same situation with people close to us for getting the happiness in case we have forgotten how to be happy. So in a way, dairy or journal can have a therapeutic effect.
  4. Writing as a tool for extra income - Secondly, all the while you write. The bug for writing could bite you. It could be a poem, fictional stories, play anything. That could, in a way, provide you with extra income and give you the motivation you needed to do well in life. Creativity is the biggest paycheck you can get from writing. Similarly, journals or scrapbook could spur interest in social media platform such as Pinterest or photography, videomaking. So again if it goes a long way, another career in the lines of communication is possible. Moreover, wouldn’t earning some extra paycheck give you happiness. It surely does.
  5. Writing as Goal getter - Diary and journals can serve as an excellent reminder for our goals. Daily writing our targets at the start of each activity and updating it daily keeps us on our toes. As far as journal or scrapbook goes having a vision board for the goals can help, it could be for an individual or team or even company. The Secret based on the power of visualization has time and time again amplified power of visual dreams. The Diary, in that case, can serve as a reminder of how far the individual or team had come when it started. So a reason to be grateful for. Now, isn’t that making you happy? So go and get the Diary and pen down your thoughts. Who knows, something amazing could come out. Don’t believe us? Then try and deny the research which shows Writing enhances research goal.

Moreover, yes, any activity for our subconscious mind to accept within our day to day life do it for 40 days at least!

So given the benefits, on the level of the organization as a whole. HR can promote the use of diary or journal by gifting employees a diary or journal with beautiful cover letter with content revolving around how much ground they covered in their professional sphere individually. While the team manager can take care of writing it down for the team, at the end of the year, the ones who have been consistent in writing throughout the year can be rewarded with some individual and team benefit such as coupons for an outing, movies, food, etc. The progress of the team can also be tracked through it and even used during the appraisal.

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