Blog: INVOLVE, INSPIRE, IMPACT – Inclusivity & its Wonders

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INVOLVE, INSPIRE, IMPACT – Inclusivity & its Wonders

How developing a sense of involvement among teams and an inspiring ecosystem can lead them to excellence.
INVOLVE, INSPIRE, IMPACT – Inclusivity & its Wonders

At times we have missed to realize how the “Excellence” is delivered or “Culture of Excellence” is developed. Do the teams have to be talented enough, do they have to be subject matter experts or do they have to be motivated & passionate of what they are doing?  Definitely, it’s a combination but, let me take you through an instance about how the “Involvement & Entrustment” helps team to achieve the excellence& develop the sense of belonging.

As I always say & believe, “Being conscious at work itself, is the first step towards Learning” but due to our monotonous lives we tend to miss these excellent traits exhibited by people around. Nonetheless, with a little conscious effort, one can turn a motivated group of individuals into a team.

Developing the ‘Sense of Involvement’

Let me share an instance &I am sure we all have experienced these kinds of instances in our life but might be we weren’t mindful enough to capture it. To realize, one should get involved, visualize the narration below and connect with similar kind of live instances one has had.

Sometime back, we had organized an award event and along with regular nomination & selection process, we also had to work on an internal talent show for which one of my colleagues was responsible. Initially, he started designing email flyers for nominations which is a traditional way of going about. But when asked on how different will it be this year (this was constantly spoken in our periodic meetings on what difference can we provide to the audience this year), he became more thoughtful and also a little stressed (optimistically). However, to everyone’s surprise, it one of the best AVs created in just 3 hours and got applauded by the entire team and the audience. This, despite being his first-time effort.

But it was not just the constant feed alone that made him do this, it was about involvement, developing a sense of responsibility, entrustment and making one believe that you can do something different which was not delivered in the past. Remember,“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

An inspiring ecosystem 

No one had asked him to do it in AV format, but the involvement made him do so as the pull was generated intrinsically. This happened on account of the sense of involvement and trust from the very first day of the strategy design until the execution. It was also facilitated by our visionary Program Manager. All of this created the ecosystem to deliver nothing less than “Excellence” and it’s not only the individual who created a fabulous AV but, the whole workshop was successful, solidifying our global footprint.

This instance shows how involvement and entrustment pumps up the motivation to deliver innovation & excellence. This realization is seen as the biggest factor in learning process, it's intrinsic and hence more impactful.

Ultimately, an inspiring ecosystem will make anyone explore their potential and deliver excellence in whatever they do. Let your people commit mistakes, because creativity starts with stupidity. If you do not let them experiment then there will be no newness around you.

Involvement is not only about taking people's views but making one responsible, making one feel respected. It is then the paradigm of contribution & ownership changes drastically. Developing the ‘Sense of Involvement’plays a prime role in developing the motivated & engaged individuals, so start practising today!

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