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Leave of absence: Grant the request

In the competitive world today, HR promotes their organization on the basis of ‘Work Life Balance, Corporate Offsite, Fun at Work but not much is mentioned or talked about leaves.
Leave of absence: Grant the request

An employee joins an organization and one of the most important questions that runs in his mind but he asks last is ‘LEAVES’. How many leaves is he eligible for, how many sick leaves, Privilege Leaves, Casual Leaves can he avail? In the competitive world today, HR promotes their organization on the basis of ‘Work Life Balance, Corporate Offsite, Fun at Work but not much is mentioned or talked about leaves. 

Important aspects that must be considered for organizations for leave:

  • Empathy and Sympathy: The employee may require leave for any reason, such as falling ill due to diseases like jaundice, malaria etc. or there may be sudden family problems, an organization should be supportive at such point of time. Leaves must be granted to employees accordingly and sympathy should be there for such reasons. These circumstances or reasons may come up at any point of life and company should extend a helping hand so that employee feels gratitude towards the organization. Granting such leaves at such crucial times, will not only win employees’ confidence but will also improve employee retention. This is how we can show sympathy and empathy towards the employee.
  • Planning: In case of absence of an employee, who will be the person who will be doing the work, a back up must be planned/created so that if an employee has availed unplanned leaves, there is no work that has gone for a toss. Someone else is aware what is to be done in the absence of an employee who is on leave.
  • Awareness: Reporting manager must be aware of the workwhich is handled by all employees reporting to him. At times, due to unawareness, none of the employee is aware of, what is happening in terms of work, which is handled by a particular employee. It is the reporting manager, who must be aware of all work which is handled by employees and must accordingly keep a backup of employees’ work.
  • Data: For organizations, which are old and are on-going for long number of years, data handling and data management is very crucial and important. It is through a large number of people the data has been passed. Employees should be careful with data management, in case an employee has taken leave for long, this data may be going through many employees, where probability of data getting tampered is high and ownership will be with none. 

Important aspects that employee must consider before taking leave:

  • Communication: It is very important foremployees to communicate clearly the days he/she is on leaveIf an employee is planning leave, the team members must be aware, so that no problematic or chaotic situation arises. Due to confusion and unawareness, there is chaos created in the company.This chaos may further lead to misunderstanding and may create sour feelings for other colleagues who may be handling the absent employees’ job. To maintain a healthy environment in office this chaos be avoided and communication of leave should be to relevant employees. 
  • Thoughtfulness: The employer has employed you with purpose and responsibility. Think before you plan, how prepared is the organization for your leave. On your own, decide the appropriate time when you should avail leave. Avoid taking leave, when most members of your team are on leave. Remember, in absence of most members, you and your work will be noticed most and your presence in crucial times will be appreciated.  
  • Importance of leave: Think, do you really need these leaves. If not, then do not take. Avoid taking it, only because it will lapse. Take only when your body or mind needs it. Take it when necessary and essential and do not avail only because you are eligible for it. 

For management and employees

Health is wealth. Times have changed today, most of the employees are fighting within themselves due to societal pressures and expectations from closed and near ones. Depression is one rising problem which is commonly observed. It is very important that some days off is given to employees. Project based companies are loaded with projects. There is more work and less resources. A break from routine is necessary and well deserved. Management must promote leaves in organization. Today, work life balance is the most essential aspect of corporate organization. Leaves are important for ourselves, family and our closed ones. When we are with our closed ones, we feel important and special. The world is competitive, it is our own family and friends who stand by us in our tough times and they are the ones we should be with. Leaves, for self and our close-knit people are worth taking. Also, on the other hand, do not cut down on taking leaves, because you can earn by working more. After all, beyond self, family and friends there is nature and universe, go out and explore, travelling gives a different exposure and that learning cannot be measured. Take leaves, as life is short. Later in life, you may have money but health and enthusiasm to celebrate life may not be there.

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