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Resignation: Dilemma of truth

Organization is not like cinema hall where people are welcomed with red carpet, exquisite dcor in the reception but a small 6 X 6 ft. door to hurl self around while in EXIT after our heroes have finished their job on screen.
Resignation: Dilemma of truth

The following stories are heard around organizations when an employee leaves. Evidentially it can be concluded that in many such cases, the relationships somehow get strained between an ex-employee and the organization when a particular employee leaves the organization. Though, a single attribute cannot be established but certainly common concerns have sprouted out while talking to both such ex-employee’s and authorities of organization across industries. After careful review of different perspective and approaches, I have tried to reduce it in a form and substance that may help us gain another insight too.

Employer’s View 

Employers are anguished because they believe that they have spent tons in training from time, effort and money perspective and when it’s employees turn to contribute, they shy away for another organization which they perceive to be better at that point of time for ‘better opportunity’ or ‘Growth’ factors. 

It’s always been quite an organizational effort in recruiting right candidates and employees have been provided with right opportunity, environment as well as good team to work with, then there is a little room of doubt for employee being disgruntled at large or even being in a state of apathy for no good reason' - is what commonly regretful statements are resonating in our industry. 

In hindsight, many organizations pledge that it is rather a boon in losing such candidates who were on the side of ‘Liability’ column (here the area of concern is that, though many such employees were honored for meritorious work time and over again and no sooner they resign, employer tend to take a biased view and the entire effort or contribution from such employee vanishes into thin air replacing it with some sort of ‘Reprimand’ mindset).

Employee View

Many acknowledges it honestly that it was an opportunity to work and learn from great organization & team but growth trajectory did not equate to their market demand and hence it was imperative to leave citing the reason of ‘Better Opportunity’ or 'Growth' (though till date none could exactly explain the term 'Better Opportunity' in a better way and 'Growth' on what it actually stands for).

Internal politics, no cross-functional training, lack of  organizational developmental  initiatives, lower package as compared to peer group in the industry, issues with boss, fear of getting reprimand for no good cause, 'they simply don’t care' attitude, team issues, no direction of work or lack of resources and with many such conditional biased statements (seemingly rational reasons by such employees) are  common causes  as observed in majority of the cases by employee who have left their past organizations.


Whatsoever the situation may warrant, employee leaving, in majority of the scenario’s or circumstances would directly impact an organization leading to loss of an organizational productivity & achievement, burdening with higher cost of replacement or recruitment, training and time lapses, even losing of coveted projects in extreme cases… on and so forth  to mention  few  but a dent  with an evident  pain is what an organization will bear till remedial, corrective measures are attended to quickly. Larger organization can fathom this with lesser impact owing to much deliberated laid down procedures towards mitigation of risk.

My take 

Nonetheless, employee will still ‘Resign’ and leave but a word of caution in particular to young people who tend quickly to get caught in an imagination or rather at times ‘hallucination’ leading to decisions being taken out of haste, curiosity or emotional turmoil which may impede overall professional journey and may throw couple of years back when measured retrospectively in future.

As a personal take on this subject, it took me several years to decode this Dilemma of Resignation, I have somehow concluded in one truth that serving in any capacity to earn our bread & butter is not at all an act of ‘Selfness-ness’ and there should be no qualms in  accepting the truth of the word called ‘Selfishness’ (though, theoretically ‘Selfishness’ is an indigenously built psyche phenomenon that talks on our ‘Very Survival’ in a competitive world and then challenges all status-quo , which again, is absolutely a natural  course of action typical to the species termed as Homo Sapiens).

Personal or self-interest comes first over and above anything, in-particular to any organizational context and discerningly we need to admit that people (including employees) always look to safe grounds to stay, float and grow as an individual as in social context too, survival and security comes first followed by recogniation leading to self-esteem. Maslow’s Hierarchy of need stand as a testimony for this.

Now, on the part of challenging ‘Status Quo’, it gives us pride of our existence and push ourselves to test our own limits. This part is surprisingly opposing the very idea or ‘survival’, but that’s how we are built to first survive and then get ahead in our journey challenging circumstances that comes on our way to progress. Organizations needs to understand that it cannot fulfill the tryst of people and with or without much debate on the subject, must endeavor for healthy relationship with all employees leaving the organization once resignation has been accepted amicably. Rather a proper exit route needs to be established with much respect and carefully laid down procedures. Organization is not like cinema hall where people are welcomed with red carpet, exquisite décor in the reception but a small 6 X 6 ft.  door to hurl self around while in ‘EXIT’ after our heroes have finished their job on screen.

There cannot be an instance of 'Forever' till retirement (at least one must not wait for it to exist even) and a reasonable turnaround of employees are expected. There is no denial that unwelcoming percentage of employee leaving the organization would challenge the very survival of the organization itself,  it would then be shouldered in with tough decisions of ‘Organizational Climate Change’ wherein  HR and strategic Managers imperatively needs to work out a solution implementing it to a desired results. Believe me, there’s  always a real solution for all a real problem.  

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