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The myths around quitting your job

Your decision to quit can be empowering. It’s like having your life back. A decision is an opportunity that opens up a new path.
The myths around quitting your job

“I’m planning to quit!” His words rung in her head and continued to echo like the over-dramatized dialogue of a soap opera on TV. Multiple thoughts assailed her. 

What happens to the home EMI? How will the daughter pursue her higher education at a UK University? What will people say? How will she manage the house, if the inflow gets curtailed? Familiar?

That’s what happens to families. How does this decision impact your friends, co-workers, peers, etc? Sometimes, their belief becomes yours when you consider resigning from a supposedly ‘great job’. 

Well, these are the myths that have been propagated by society from days as far back as the Industrial Revolution.

Myth No 1 - Your career will be hit, badly.

No.Quitting a job that helps you upgrade your learning and increase your market value, in fact, can turn into the smartest move. Being stuck in a corrosive environment can have a negative impact on your career growth and self-esteem. If your current job does not propel you to grow emotionally, intellectually and financially, perhaps it’s time to bid it, goodbye. And, move to a more progress conducive job.

Myth No 2 - You are a failure.

“Losers quit.” She cried. No, no! They do not. More often than not, you need to know when to quit to allow what’s meant for you; to embrace you. If I hadn’t dropped out of advertising, I would never be able to do what I’m doing now as a Victory Coach. Some jobs are stepping stones to larger things in life. So, quitting is good, too. Stop brandishing it as a failure. 

Myth No 3 – It’s easy to throw in the towel.

“It’s easy to chuck your job?” Is it? It’s one of the most painful decisions to make. There are myriad situations you reason with, grapple with answers that force you to stay in and fight. It’s emotionally and physically taxing to take a decision that could impact your life and your family’s as well. Staying in a toxic work environment is tough and I know many who struggle to stay till the water rises above the level to finally, give up. It requires courage to amass the strength to say, “I am not doing this, anymore.” It’s hard, however, your peace of mind will thank you for it.

Myth No 4 – It’s risky.

She spent 4 months in a job and got to know that moving up means allowing misdemeanors to continue. The pay was great. They told her, it’s risky to leave. She had bills to pay. Tell me one thing in life that is ‘no-risk’. Being stuck in a job that impinges your safety, is far riskier. Being stuck in a job where you are constantly singled out and ridiculed and made to feel insecure is far dangerous. Quitting can be the smartest career move you make.

Myth No 5 – What will people say?

People will talk, anyway. Focus on your game. Focus on your strategy. People are, for themselves, you, are for you. You are living the job and you are paying your bills. If your work is sapping your energy, doesn’t push you out of bed to rush to it, the cost of staying in it will be more harmful. Your motivation, creativity, attitude and even, health is likely to take a beating. People will talk, anyway. 

Courage is not staying in an organization that does not treat you right. Courage is the ability to know what’s good for you and go looking for it. Redirect your attention to your strengths and your potential. Channelize your energy to that which makes you shine. Do not stay for that raise, alone if the job causes you misery. The trade-off is too high a price. Victory will follow.

Clarity on what do you want is imperative, so work from there. 

Your decision to quit can be empowering. It’s like having your life back. A decision is an opportunity that opens up a new path. 

Ask yourself:

1. What do you want to bring into your life?

2. What do you really want to achieve or create?

3. What kind of help do you need to get what you want?

4. How must you feel or what are the emotions that must be part of you to achieve what you want?

5. Who must you be or how must you show up (behave) consistently in order to achieve what you want?

Take care of your health, it’s easy to let go. Keep looking after yourself. Establish, new relationships, leverage old ones. Get your resume crafted, professionally. Be methodical in your approach and focussed. It may take some time, so do not get disheartened.

Quitting is not a bad word. It demonstrates your ability to take a stand, recognize your self-worth and step into your own power. Power that which brightens your life, and the world around you.Good luck and be victorious. 

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