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'Unbuffered' creativity in mobile video careers

Mobile video industry offers exciting career avenues for candidates and lessons for HR
'Unbuffered' creativity in mobile video careers

If you think of viral videos, you may conjure up the image of the South Korean Pop sensation - Psy gamboling to the ‘Gangnam Style’ or Dhanush crooning to the catchy beat of ‘Why this Kolaveri Di?’ Keeping aside the high entertainment quotient of these videos, the factors that contributed to their ‘Virality’ have been the growing penetration of internet enabled smart phones through which people access Video On Demand (VOD) platforms and share them with family and friends via social media networks.

The mobile video industry presents itself as an exciting career avenue for employee prospects and presents a great learning opportunity for even HR practitioners. Here are three compelling factors that underline this.

#1 Mobile Video Sits at the Exciting Intersection of Mobile + Media+Technology

Mobile VOD largely focuses on seamless distribution of engaging video content across different telecom networks and portable devices that operate on different operating systems. The aforementioned Ericsson ConsumerLab Report 2014 showed that 4 out of 10 videos played online either buffer or stall while viewing. This is on account of network variability, hampering the viewing experience. Video Optimization, Mobile Testing (ensuring uniform quality of video streaming across 9000 different variants of mobile phone brands) and App Development are functions that promise prospective employees a chance to work on cutting edge patented technology, challenging them to find creative solutions to deliver a great video viewing experience.

For HR professionals, the emphasis is clearly on fostering ‘Innovation Hotspots’ within the organization permeating into the culture of the organization. This entails devising bespoke hiring methodologies like psychometric tests and putting candidates through simulated real work life situations that honor merit over tenure and ideas over hierarchy to find the right talent; facilitating the ideas into action and then putting in place a reward system to incentivize professionals to think ‘Out of the Box’.

#2 There’s an Opportunity to Grow the Next Billion Dollar Business Catering to Emerging Market

Anyone opting to tune into a career in mobile VOD has the chance to change the way people consume entertainment. There is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be associated with an ecosystem that could spring the next pioneer along the lines of a Google or Amazon. For this, employee prospects need to have their fingers on the pulse of the audience and always be ahead of the curve to cater to their tastes. With over 4 billion viewers across the emerging markets of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa waiting to be tapped, Data Analytics offers ample scope for creative insights that can be drawn to aid in Content Curation.

The next Billion Dollar Business can be germinated only if future leaders are sowed and nurtured by the HR department. Leadership programs and supporting up-skilling courses aside, the creative scope here is to acquaint employees with multi-cultural nuances and sensitivities. This would not just enable them to seal the deal with diverse content providers across geographies, but also help them cater to the entertainment needs of the viewers who speak different languages from the Middle East to Southeast Asia.

#3 Delivering more than just Entertainment

Those keen to make a career in this field have an opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial environment that fosters dreaming big, acting fast, not being afraid to fail, celebrating wins and enjoying the journey. Employees can combine their analytical horsepower, global mindset and technological acumen to create video platforms that enable content providers such as premium studios, media houses as well as independent film makers to monetize their content in a more efficient manner by ensuring Content security, thereby helping them win the war against Video Piracy.

The role of HR is pivotal in encouraging ‘Intrapreneurship’ so as to align individual goals to those of the organization, resulting in greater employee satisfaction. A flat organizational structure that empowers employees to take charge coupled with a creative workspace for them would be sure to turn every employee into a long term asset. Promoting a culture of ‘symbiotic learning’ or ‘knowledge barter’ would be integral in the pursuit of achieving product excellence and customer delight.

The time’s ripe for engineering graduates as well as experienced professionals to plug and play into the VOD arena. 

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