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Wearables & the Workplace

With launch of the Apple Watch new conversations emerge on the effect of wearable devices in the workplace
Wearables & the Workplace

Apple Inc launched its long-awaited watch yesterday, while investors questioned whether CEO Tim Cook's first product would be a breakaway hit, what is clear is that wearable devices and the Internet of Things is here to stay.

Wearable devices can have huge benefits in terms of workplace safety, productivity and efficiency. Organizations have the opportunity to take the lead in adopting wearable technology for their employees as it bring tremendous opportunities and efficiencies. The concept of giving equipment and tools to employees to do their jobs better is not new. Organizations have provided employees equipment, uniforms, phones, etc so why not wearable technology?

According to a Kronos worldwide survey, the younger generation sees the business benefits of wearable devices at the workplace and another study by PricewaterhouseCoopers suggest that 53 per cent of millennials are “excited” about the future of wearables.

Benefits of wearable technology on employee health and wellbeing

Health and wellness is a huge agenda for employers as it has a direct correlation with productivity, engagement and ultimately costs to the company. Wearable devices have the functionality to monitor activity throughout the day and also set specific goals for physical activity such as running or cycling. Of course, these have many benefits from the individual point of view, but also from organization point of view, one could thing of a company-wide perspective on using this functionality across the board supporting organizational health and wellness initiatives.

Employee communication & culture building

It is yet another way to communicate with our employees. It is more relevant and segmented based on employees’ location, behavior, etc. Many technology products such as are working to integrate with Apple watch. By connecting your phone with CRM systems, you can see your work goals, progress and activities on your wrist. Managers will have the opportunity to send messages to communicate and motivate their teams using yet another device.  

A sea of opportunities

Some of us Baby Boomers or Generations X may be thinking that these devices are clearly an intrusion on our privacy and will feel uncomfortable with just the thought of them in our work life. It is not the case with millennials and with acceptance of our employees the possibilities for employers are endless: A new way to look at employee wellness, an exceptional way to communicate with each other and an engagement tool in your wrist.

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